Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Supressing Self

Through watching the documentary (the second part now) "The Century of Self" I have learnt that through suppressing our `natural` emotions, the emotions that are too outrageous for us to face, we become very confused beings, we become uncertain of who we are and of who we should become and what we should do with ourselves. This can lead to suicide, this can lead to hysteria, dementia, schizophrenia, and many other mental illnesses. The reason why these occur is because how we as humans have accepted and allowed society to develop, and how we have conditioned ourselves to conform to a certain accepted lifestyle. This conformity is the goal of society in order to keep society running/flowing in the way that it has been, and through conforming we become a guided programmed being with the goals and objectives in that which society has already `in store` for us. All of our life is directed once we conform to `how we should live`, and in that we become automated following the direction that which society would like for us, and in that not directing ourselves but having these desires and unconscious thoughts direct us.

Within conforming to society we are suppressing who we are as humans, through attempting to live like `civilized` beings, not taking a look at who we are as `nature` and deciding to change that as who we are as our nature. Our nature is disgusting = look at how we have been treating the Earth and ourselves, look at how we have in fact been existing. It is not special, we are not significant, we are actually quite fucking oblivious to how we are actually existing, we are not a benevolent creature, we are a destructive one. So what is interesting about the point of the ability to suppress ourselves is that if we are able to suppress ourselves we are able to change ourselves, we are able to stop living as our accepted nature, but in order to change ourselves we must face ourselves. We must face the ugliness as who we are and in that face who we are as thoughts, as that which we have become, forgive the acceptance of how we have lived, remove the symbols that which stimulate how we have been living and set a goal of equality in that we see eachother as equals, as another being walking this planet equal and one to me, as another source of substance equal and one to me as substance equally, and in that realize that what we do to another we in fact do to ourselves, and live a new self living in a way that is best for all and best for self.

Investigate Desteni and Investigate an Equal Money System, see how we must change in order to live as new beings, and to stop our destructive self.

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