Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Arresting And/Or Killing Kony

There is now a viral video out that highlights what a man named "Kony" has done to children in an African Nation. What Kony has done is kidnap children while they are sleeping, force them away from their parents, and brainwash them into supporting Kony in his efforts to gain more power.

So the video that went viral is because of the effort needed to get this man arrested and put to `justice`. The United States has opted, for the past 30 years, to not intervene even though they knew this was going on, because it offered to interest to the American nation through political or financial reasons. So that is why this video is out, so that we the people, can gain information on this subject and support thee effort in getting this man arrested.

The viral video is cool and I am amazed at how fast this video has been supported and at how many people have started to move in support of getting this man arrested, but the point within this blog is that getting this man arrested is only a temporary solution to the larger issue at hand. What Kony is showing to the world is that in this operating system, kidnapping children and forcing them to kill their parents so that they forever rely on you, is a possibility. Arresting Kony will solve the instance of this man doing these crimes against humanity, but the larger issue of the possibility of this happening is not solved. It is possible for 10 years down the road for another man to do these same actions and for it to, as well, be unheeded for 30 years due to political and financial interests of `larger` more `powerful` nations. So Arresting or Killing Kony will solve the point of this man committing these crimes against life, but it will not solve the fact that it is possible to commit these crimes against life. Continuing with this is what is best for the moment but what is best for all is for this to never be a possibility ever again. And for that to happen, the people who become kidnapped must be self-reliant, the must be self-empowered. In order to give them self-reliance and self-power they need money to move around in this world systemed reality. If these children had money, had a way of surviving other than relying on Kony, they would not be a part of a child army, they would opt out...I am sure that not one of those children actually want to be in their position. Even in the documentary one of the children said that he would rather die than live with the possibility of getting kidnapped and being forced into the power of Kony and he would even want to die now because of he lives in fear of this happening to him.

Back to the point of providing them with self-empowerment and self-reliance. If they had money they would not subject themselves to this kind of abuse. They would simply not participate in this, but since they have a lack of money and this man obviously has means of supporting all these children they participate with this man's actions. "You don't bite the hand that feeds you". In order to give these children money = with the means to support themselves on their own, we must change this monetary system into a system of all haves. Right now there is a limited amount of money that can be generated and circulated and there are a few that want it all to themselves and that are manipulating the system to gain it all themselves creating haves and have nots. When the system that we live in is based on equality all will equally have the chance to provide themselves with life, through the circulation of money equally to all that exist on this Earth. To find out more on how to effectively stop this from every existing again visit

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