Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Habitat Displacement and Equal Money System

There has been a scare for pet owners in this city now due to coyotes running around the city looking for food. In the paper there is an Article about a woman who was walking her dog on a leash, when a coyote came up to her and her dog and snatched the dog away from her so that the coyote could eat and feed its family.

This is due to the displacement of the coyotes. The area that the coyotes are running around in is a fairly new built area, so the environment and habitats had to be disrupted in order to build the homes, causing the animals that were here before to develop new ways of surviving

How this boils down to money is that, in the capitalistic system in order to generate a continuous growth, we must continuously be generating more product and in the housing market we thus need more houses and more land to expand on. Thus in capitalism there must be a never ending supply of development land in order for the real estate market to continue/survive. So through the expansion of housing we must take away land from animals that are on this planet with us, displacing the, causing them to find new ways of surviving, which leads to examples like the coyotes attacking pets in order to feed themselves. So money in the housing market = a need for development land = displacement and disruption of the ecosystem.

In an Equal Money system, the point of continuing generating money does not exist, thus the relative `expansion` due to capitalism will not exist wither, because we will not need to generate endless profit for our survival. Without the need for continuous input/profit we will be able to find and develop new ways of housing ourselves that do not disrupt habitats or disrupt habitats the least possible way, because money will not be the predominant factor in our direction. If we do need to disrupt nature/habitats/environment we would be able to give ourselves the time to consider the best way to do so, meaning cause as little harm as possible from our integration into/as the area, whereas now, we attempt to develop land as quickly as possible so that we can make money as fast as possible to further generate more and more and more profit. This brings me to the point of housing structure as well. The way houses are built now are a `cookie cutter` process, where everything is planned to go up as quick as possible for as cheap as possible so that the maximum amount of profit is achieved in the shortest amount of time...ok back to the point

In an Equal Money System we will have the time and opportunity to consider the displacement of animals when it to building. We will have the ability to consider what we are in fact having influence and consequence on. We won't take on the position of this is our world and we can do what ever we please with it, ignoring all consequences along the way. We won't build endlessly causing a mass amount of destruction and harm to the environment for the game of profit. The end goal will not be more money, but the consequences of our actions, meaning that the object of our actions is the consequence of our actions being what is best for all.
                     This is why support of the Equal Money System is imperative to continue living on this planet, because if we continue the way we are we will only kill the life of this planet.

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  1. "It's scary. A coyote ate my cat and my neighbor's cat in the same night about 4 months ago. When I lived in Hollywood close to the hills it was common to see them walking around the streets digging in garbage cans looking for food..."
    Calence Emerson - through Google Plus