Friday, November 26, 2010

Most Miserable City in Canada

Least happy city in Canada

Toronto Was voted the most miserable, not voted but concluded upon, city in the country. Lets look at Toronto. It has roughly 1 million people living in the city. There are a lot of businesses, It is not self sustainable. Toronto Vs the Country. The country is open, the country, you can see a lot of nature. In a city one is bombarded with lights and advertisements, always looking for something to buy, being programmed to search to buy something. Being programmed to search outside of self with the use of money for happiness. No one is there to help, everyone looks out for themselves. Where is the enjoyment in that. When no one is around to help out one becomes depressed. Everyone is searching for there next paycheck, Everyone is in a rush to get the next paycheck, so no one is looking out for the neighbour. So when people help eachother out it is much nicer to live, because you are living with someone, you are not alone, which when one looks at it there are people all around us yet we believe ourselves to be absolutely alone, that everyone else is a stranger, they are stranger than you, do not speak fear them for their strangeness. Everyone is walking around for themselves. Anyhow Happiness is immeasurable, people are happy and sad, and when one has to constantly fight for survival because no one is helping then one will become frustrated, because we all like to be helped out in this world. I tested this out, In work I work alone and with people, I enjoy working with people because the more people working on a task the faster it goes and the more fun one has because you can help eachother out. When working alone it becomes much more stressful because one has to work out all problems alone and sometimes we do not give ourselves the insight we need because we are blinded by the stress and anger and frustration. That is why Toronto is the most miserable city in Canada, In an Equal money system everyone will be working for everyone=unlimited fun and joy and self-Expression.

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