Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on Life

I have been able to look at this world again within reality. I lost that ability a while ago when I started participating more with friends and relationships. So I started looking at this world on the whole and started writing about it. One thing that sticks out is I wrote, What the fuck have we done?

Seriously, what the fuck have we done. What have we created. We have created hell, we have created a terrible, horrendous, destructive, hating, lieing, deceptive, controlling, selfless world. I could not believe that we have created this so fucking blindly. We are still completely unaware of the extent of the abuse and suppression of life on this world. Every time you take a breath, a child is starving. Everytime you take a breath death happens, and I combated myself with but everytime life is born. HA! And that is believed to be a good thing. Life being put into this earth is not a good thing currently. As soon as life is put into this Earth within 10 years it is dead. It is dead from the sense that everything that life is stands for and as is no longer existent within the being. It is dead through the programming comming from the media, it is dead from the hell, from the lifelessness that is already here. And the child becomes what is here. How can one live in an evironment that one has not adapted to? We all must adapt and to adapt we become monsters! We thrive off of abuse. To clothe ourselves we use slave labour in countries that are seen as less than others. To get almost everything in the western world, the eastern world is enslaved, by money, to make. This world is hell for most so that only a few can `enjoy` it. And the lie is that we are all looking for happiness when there is NONE in this reality. Truly what is good in this reality that is infinite? Love does not last. Love isn't even good if you look at it. One gives the entire self up to retain that one feeling tat will ultimately fuck with you becasue we are looking for the ultimate fuck. Animals can't even live well. When I say well I mean without worry that humans will come and kill them for money. Money is truly to root to all evil, but what creates money what give vlaue to money. Us as minds give value to money, so really us as minds are the root to all evil in this world. Trees and plants can't even exist without abuse. We have damaged every living thing on this Earth with our self-interest manifested within and as the search and greed of money. Nothing is free from the affects of money! so we must Change the application of money, in order to stop the search need and greed of money, we must give it away equally to all to support their life. Keep the application of money, change the value and means of getting it to support people to not have a fear of survival!

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