Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Stand with me people. We are responsible for this world and everything that exists within it exists within us. We are killing ourselves, slowly. We are not taking responsibility for it. We are not responding to the current existence we stand in, we exist in. This existence right now is hell for a lot of people. Most likely not you, but for many others. We must stand for them, as ourselves. We must stop! People, we have been accepting abuse for too long. Abuse of everything! Stand with me to change this world. Stand with me to stop all abuse. You may question how but realize that the answer is within. It exists within thoughts it exists within actions, it exists within what we participate in. Rape for example, is all relative=relates to our sexual desires. We are sexual beings but to desire sex to the point of uncontrolling ourselves is abuse. To exist in that point of not being able to control our desires, our desires end up controlling us. Our desires thus end up controlling this world. What do you desire? I doubt many of you will ever stand to stop desires, so prove me wrong. Prove yourself wrong of not being able to stand up. Stand and be the living proof. Live yourself as proof of being able to stop desires. And show the world how to and share yourself with the world so that we may all learn. We can stop desires, people have quit drinking, smoking, masturbation, over eating, they have stopped drugs, they have found ways around this world that do not harm. It will be tough but even a little done by all turns out to be a lot, 1+1=2. Stand with me in removing desires. Stand with me for all live living in equal conditions. Time is all that we have right now, and the more we waste, the worse the situation gets. We are wasting away, not taking responsibility. We are wasting this world, creating so much garbage, that our words and actions have become what we value garbage as= worthless. Our words are worthless when we speak. When we speak about television or gossip, what is that worth in death I ask you? What matters in death of what we speak and have done. What does your `life` matter in death. Life in all matters in death. Our experiences don’t matter because they die when we die. We no longer experience. Others will still experience in our death, so I ask you, what would you want the experience of this world to be? One of starvation, of fear, of hate, of crime, of murder, of rape, of lies, of corruption, of destruction of nature, of self-interest, of judgment, of entertainment, of illness, of disease, of money, of lonliness, of separation from others, of a world with no empathy towards our neighbours as ourselves? Or do you want to change this world?

Start with yourself so others can listen and learn. Start with what you know to be inside of you to be abuse. We all know abuse exists in this world but we ignore it. We ignore it so that we cannot take responsibility for it. Stand with me. I do not care how many of you, me, us take heed to these words. If one reads this and stands with me we can add 1 for equality, for life, for a better life. Where do we start? With the application of ourselves. With what we participate in. With how we are. Start with self slowly so that you may learn of yourself. I do not want this world to exist the way it is currently for others to experience. So I stand. I stand in removing masturbation, indulgence, the use of drugs to escape, the wastefulness of time. It has been tough for me and I expect nothing more from you. It is what it is and if we continue to strive for a better world, and act on that, it will become. We cannot hope for we have been hoping for so damn long and nothing has changed. We cannot pray for it is the same thing. We must MOVE. We must become the world we want to live in. Then the world becomes us, as it is now but we are what the world is. Look at it! Look at yourself! Stop, and re-start, re-move yourself to better living conditions for all. Find out how to gain power. Find out what holds power. Find out how to use our power. My power I am expressing now is within words and actions.

Stand with me.

Paul William Quessy.

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