Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sexomania is the word used to define the addiction to sex and the pandemic that it is becoming. According to reports 3-5% of the population are sexomaniacs, which are people that have uncontrollable desires to have sex and have issues directing their life due to the massive influence of sex on their lives. Frequently they have uncontrollable urges to have sex in which they compromise themselves completely, such as not drinking water or eating food to satisfy their urge for sex. Sexomaniacs fail to explain how the urge originates with detail only that they become sex obsessed and start to look for any and every way to fulfill their sexual desire. The term sexomaniac was previous used in a humorous context yet now it has become a legitimate mental illness which treatment is being given for.

We all have a sexual desire within ourselves, we all have the want for sex, yet within society we have deemed it as naughty as something that we must hide from others view, as something that we can be and are ashamed of. Society has defined sexuality as something that we must not be public about, and in turn we as individuals become ashamed of our sexuality and we start to not understand our sexuality due to the suppression of sex within/as culture/society, yet it still being such a large part of society/culture. The fact that sex and sexuality has become hidden in the background is a part of why we are becoming so sexually enslaved and controlled. Since it is being held in the background of society makes us want it more, as it is something that is us, yet we are living as if it is not us, meaning that sex is us yet we live out our daily lives as if it is not us, meaning that we all think about sex often enough, yet the point of/as those thoughts are not expressed in daily life, thus we lock ourselves in rooms and use the thoughts, ideas, and images to support our sexuality, which is damaging to us as sexuality.

Daily we go through our days with sexual thoughts, and sexual triggers on billboards, on commercials, in the media, in fashion, and since it is not acceptable for sexuality to be expressed in public we suppress these thoughts and desires, to a point where we end up acting out on them, to a point where we can no longer suppress the sexual desires, and we look to experience the thoughts and ideas we have in our heads, which leads to porn and the endless sub-categories within/as porn, and the one night stands which we attempt to live out the fantasies. How these thoughts are damaging is that no matter what they cannot be lived out in the physical reality. No matter how hard one tries to find the idea in their head in the physical reality, it will not occur, because we create an idea and an energy around that idea, with a fucked up sense of reality (the mind), then when we get to acting out those ideas in the physical reality and it does not match up with the idea and energy we have in our head, which can lead to the never ending search for that `perfect` sexual experience. The damage occurs from not being able to sexually express oneself effectively/correctly in the physical reality. The thoughts can build up to a never ending search for that idea of sex we hold in our heads and thus can lead to sexomania where our lives are consumed with a want to experience sex.

In 60-100AD, during the Roman empire, sex was publicly shown, there were paintings of sexual positions on walls in houses openly viewing to anyone who were to enter that house. They were comfortable with the fact that they have sex, it seems as they were far from attempting to hide the fact that they have sex. Only when it became suppressed did it become a problem or morality, guilt, shame, fear, embarrassment, desire, lust, etc. It became a problem because we all would like sex and are fearful about bringing it up in normal conversation, as it is `socially unacceptable`, and then we use our mind to create sexual fantasies that cannot `live up to` the physical reality, and then we get dislocated and separated from the physical reality. All of this leads to sexomania, so it is our environment and our accepted ways of society/culture that help influence the desire for sex, thus the solution is to change the environment/society/culture. We must again become open with the fact that we have sex and stop hiding it from one another as we all have sex and have sexual thoughts/experiences open it up and stop mystifying the act of sex allowing curiosity to reign and the sexual desires to reign over our life. 

To open up to ourselves about our sexuality helps as well as we stop mystifying it to ourselves and we begin to understand ourselves in terms of sexuality. This has become a massive issue for the world to deal with as it has been suppressed for quite a few centuries now and has lead to the massive pornography boom that we now see, it is time to open sexuality up to ourselves, stop hiding it in the background so that we can understand ourselves better and stop being controlled by the desire for sex. For more information of the control of ourselves through/as sex visit

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