Sunday, December 11, 2011

No More mountains of Food in an EMS

No More food mountains in an EMS.

Food mountains are literally mountains of food that we have decided are useless, when in fact they are only a few days old. The food have little imperfections, but none that make the food inedible. This is a point that is humiliating to humanity, as we throw out literally, mountains of food when there are 1 billion humans starving on this planet. In an EMS things will be produced for practicality, not profit as we have today, things will be made a supported from a point of practical usage, where in food will be produced because the need is there, not because one wants to make a profit off of the fact that we need to eat, thus production comes down to a point of making for the need, not making for the profit. In making for the need we only need to make as much as there is need, thus there is not going to be a place to store mountains of food, as that produced food will be based on practicality and the practicality is consumption of said food. In an EMS food will be produced for the necessity to eat, thus to waste food will be a crime against life. Thus no more mountains of thrown out food. For more information visit

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