Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This system does not support Third World Nations becoming First World Nations

Living in a First world nation, I have heard many times that we need o support Third world nations into becoming first world nations..we must give the enough money, create enough funds, so that they too can have the infrastructure, the education, the luxury that exists in first world nations. Looking at that point ,it is absolutely impossible for third world nations to become first world nations in the current capitalistic, consumerist system that we live in because at the rate First world nations are using resources there won't be enough resources t share throughout the world for all nations on this Earth to become first world nations, thus for first world nations to have what we have, there must exist poverty to support us having what we have, there must be the opposite as it is clear that we are hording resources.

If we stopped the consumer culture that we live in, if we stopped wasting all of these items/products and started to, not conserve, but create and use things that are designed to last a life time we would be able to share the resources that we use, and allow third world nations to as well become `first world nations`

Obviously that would take a reworking of the current system we have, as the `growth` and stability of the system we have requires a constant transaction of money and having products/items that last a lifetime would be death for the current system = that is why things break down so easily and that is why planned obsolescence is considered beneficial to this system. So to have products that last a lifetime we must have a system that's life blood is not based on profit, we must have a self-sustaining system that is able to maintain itself without an influx of value, currency, worth, material etc. That is where the Equal Money system comes in. the life blood of the equal money system is not profit, it does not require a constant input of energy to support itself, all it requires to exist is the humans capacity to maintain its existence through accepting it as a way of living.

Thus in order for this world to live like a first world nation, we need products/items that last lifetimes, and in order to create items/products that last lifetimes we need a system that does not require a constant input of energy = we need a new system = we need an Equal Money System. If you do care about this world, the beings that live here, support and be an living example for the Equal money system.

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