Sunday, December 11, 2011

No More Bureaucracy in an EMS

No more bureaucracy in an EMS

Bureaucracies have become points in which a few implement laws and rules for the many. They are a select few people that are appointed with such power to implement and decide upon such rules, regulations, and laws. This is obviously the epitome of inequality. A few becoming the deciding factors for many, meaning that a few hold power over how many delegate their lives within/as rules, regulations, and laws. This will not exist in an Equal money system as the point within/as the equal money system is equality, thus there will be only one decision to be made and that is consistently and constantly what is best for all, thus creating in every moment what is best for all, and thus we live in a world that is best for all. Obviously as one is able to tell bureaucracies are only in the interests of a few, not in the interests of all as what is best for life to expand and flourish, thus bureaucracies will not longer exist in an Equal Money system due to the fact that it is not living equality.

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