Saturday, December 24, 2011

Justice and Anger

A Man In Scarborough, Ontario has been accused of assaulting his family a number of times and of sexually assaulting one of his patients in his dental practice. He has been charged on three incidents of assaulting his family members. He got angry at his daughter for wanting to leave a family friend’s house and hit her ankle with a metal rod when they came home, ending her up in the hospital the day after. He became angry with his wife and threw a knife at her piercing her leg. He Threw a metal toy car at his son for telling his father to stop beating his wife. He has been charged six months in jail for his crimes and his dental license has been revoked.

2 things that can be discussed here are the point of justice and the point of the demon possession that is anger.

The fact that he has been sentenced to six months in jail is not going to solve his problems of lashing out on others because of his anger. The entire point of the justice system is not a correction it is a `quick fix` solution that does not actually fix the problem. Incarcerating this man is not going to give him the tools and understanding that he needs to deal with his anger. The only point that this may serve is installing fear in him so that he does not lash out again in this matter causing him to suppress the anger which causes a lot of health problems as well. In the justice system when people are jailed, it never ends up as a solution. It is a Temporary fix to the problem. It does not allow the person to investigate themselves in how they have made themselves angry, and why they choose to lash out on other in a way to deal with their anger. It does not provide tools to release the anger from within him, nor does it offer assistance to realize himself in his anger. Jailing a criminal does not solve the problem from happening again as it always deals with the problem after the fact, the real solution here would be stopping the issue from ever happening, thus the justice system is not a solution for this man’s anger, it is a punishment when anger should not be punished but understood.

The possession of anger is the accumulation of thoughts that manifest outbursts such as these that cause harm to others and self. This world does not support the self-understanding nor the ability to deal with through living a solution to anger. Thus events like these are able to happen. This world system does not stop events from happening prior we only deal with the consequences after which is not a solution to the events themselves, as a solution to the events would to be preventing them from happening in the first place. In the article it is never said or investigated as to why he got angry, or what was bothering him to the extent that he would lash out on his family members. He simply was sentenced to sit in jail = it is similar to being sent to sit in a corner when we were children = it didn’t solve our actions, only installed fear in us. This world is not set up in a way to give us the time to understand ourselves, thus we need a new way of living, and since our way of living is based on money we need a new way of dealing with money. Would this man beaten his family if he would have been given the funds to support his life? Would the family have stayed with this man if they were financially supported on their own? For the answers visit and to start learning tools for self-investigation visit

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