Thursday, December 22, 2011

The hand that feeds us

I got told to stop skateboarding one day and was looking at the man’s words, and why he was basically telling me to stop enjoying myself and get out of the place that I was skateboarding in. I was skateboarding in an underground parking garage that is owned by the city. The city has to pay money for the structures that it builds and to maintain the structures. The cities life blood is money. Since skateboarding does mark up and `wreck` structures and objects, the city will have to pay for the repairs done to the structures/objects. The man that kicked me out was a worker for the city, the city pays him money so that he can live the life that he lives. I was questioning whether he really gave a fuck about me skateboarding in there or not because no one actually cares about another...since he was a worker for the city, the city gives him life = the city supports him, so in order for him to support his life the way it is he has to continue working for the city, and the cities interest is not having to pay money that it does not need to pay. So in this moment this man support the city because it supports his life and him telling me to get out of the parking garage was in support of the city’s interests and thus he was then supporting his job through supporting the city. We all fear losing our jobs because that means we have lost our accepted living conditions and standards, thus this man was speaking out of fear of losing his job, because if he were not to support the city’s interests the city would have a chance to remove his life blood through removing his income.

In this example this man was in support of a system that is absolutely abusive and extremely destructive of life because this man knew no better. Since the city was supporting his life and this man became comfortable with his life and knew no better life attainable than the one he current has, he fought for the system that is destructive, abusive, and harmful to life. He saw fear of his life being taken away from him by the city if he were to let me skateboard in that place and mark up the structure that the city has paid for causing the city to have to pay more money to keep it aesthetically pleasing. He was afraid of biting the hand that feeds him even though that hand smacks him as well. In this instance we all end up accepting the system once we accept our lives the way they are. We do not look for anything better nor can we think of anything better than what we have when we accept our lives the way that they are, we do not question whether or not life can be better for the ones who suffer, we do not think about a better existence that the one that we have because we are provided life by the one that we have, and all we are asking for is life. Life can be so much more than what it is, it can prosper, because the current system is destroying the conditions of life and since we have become comfortable with the destruction of our lives we do not question it nor do we realize that there can be a much better way of living. We become subservient to the hand that feeds us, and in that we accept the destruction, abuse, murder, rape of life that currently exists. There can be a much better life than the current system that we have now = all life can prosper, we only must stand as a group in support of a better life for all beings on this planet. Accepting our lives as comfortable is the acceptance of the abuse of the system. Thus we are directly abusing life through accepting and allowing this system to exist. And the reason we come to accept this system of abuse is because it provides life for us, thus it is the hand that feeds us and we fear not being fed by money because we fear dying.

Do we really get fed by money? Is income really the life blood of ourselves? Is this system then only but an illusion? Absolutely. This system is a lie and we are feeding the lie through accepting the medium that feeds us = money and the monetary system. The way we get fed is through the purchasing of goods with the tool of money within/as the accepted world system. But we as humans actually get fed through eating, through drinking, thus money is only but a false value and food source of life. Food is the source of life and money is the medium that allows us to purchase the food, and since money is limited and conditioned on supporting the system through working our ability to live is conditional and limited, but it doesn’t have to be.

In an equal money system we are given the funds so that we are able to provide life for ourselves. The medium of money is still a tool but the accepted rules, laws, and regulations of the system will be changed vastly. They will be in the principles of what is best for all and equality and oneness. When funds are provided to us unconditionally because we are life, life can prosper instead of being limited to having a job, and then we will have the time to change the way that we live, have time to create a new world and assist in supporting what we have destroyed. We will have the time to figure out this reality much more effectively, we won’t have to compromise our enjoyment to find money, we won’t have to search for ways to provide ourselves life here on Earth, it will be supported unconditionally simply through a change in the accepted system. We as humanity as life must stand together as life in support of a better life for life. We must fight the hand that feeds us and realize that we have been feeding ourselves the entire time, and change to a better method of feeding ourselves. For more information visit and

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