Monday, October 24, 2011

Can We Move to Any City we Want in an EMS?

Can we move to any city we want in an EMS

The limiting factors within the current system and moving to another city or country are money and residence. If I want to move to another city right now, I first need to accumulate the funds to purchase the house, I must sell this house, and then attain transport to move `my` belongings to the other house – all of this costing money. This is the main point within the Equal Money System, that with the funds for life given to us the limitation of money is completely removed. So from a money point yes, we will be able to move to any city, or in that, country we would like.

However, it must be practical. If a building is going to go up just because there is a WANT to move there than that is impractical. If there is already a building there then move away. To use the resources this Earth provides for wants is currently what we have done and this is what it has gotten us (look at the state of the world), because who knows, ones wants could suddenly change immediately, and then there is another house on the land (possibly not being used), thus it becomes impractical. There is another point to consider which is quite cool and that is moving into a house that is already there that has a family living in it already. Look at that point, many reasons we don’t accept people into our houses is because of money, we do not want to feed them with our money, we do not want to heat them with our money, we do not want to clothe, bathe, or clean up after them with our money, thus we have become absolutely reluctant to letting a `stranger` into our homes without knowing that they are able to support themselves financially first. Within the EMS that is removed, as ones necessities are provided for them from birth to death, thus the reluctance to allowing a person into ones home due to finances becomes irrelevant. Taking that point into consideration it becomes absolutely possible to move anywhere you would like, moving is no longer a limitation, it becomes an adventure, and expansion, we no longer become a `resident` we no longer have to reside at one place, we are `free` to move where we would like, all based on practicality, and within an EMS there is nothing but practicality.

Thus we do become `free` to live or move in any city which we would like, as there is not a need to build a new home each time a person moves, we are able to share what we have because we will all be able to support ourselves financially, and thus we become independent or `free` if you will.

Another point to consider is our `belongings`. We will no longer own stuff but only use stuff = that is what we do now, just we attach this idea of owning something through the money that we pay for the item. So to take all of `our` stuff with us is not a necessity, we will be able to leave our stuff behind for another person to use it, as well we will be able to use the items that already exist in the place that we move to. No more ownership in an EMS, just usage of the items here, and thus no sentimental value to our belongings, thus no emotional attachment to couches, or chairs, or lamps etc, and within that we are able to `let our stuff go`.

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