Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What is Stopping?

Within self-gratification we accept the opposite. Today was 2 days without a cigarette and I was feeling gratified at myself for not smoking. To end the point here I decided to smoke…anyways within the gratification I thus accept myself smoking. Through the acceptance of feeling gratified for not smoking, I must accept myself as smoking to feel the gratification. Thus within that point self-gratification became a point of abuse within/as/towards myself, and thus why I fell on the point. When I felt gratified about stopping smoking, I had to accept myself first as a smoker, and then accept myself as stopping and then accept the self-gratification of `stopping` smoking, thus I have to accept myself as smoking to get to that point. Thus it is not a point that I am able to stand within infinitely/eternally as self-gratification of stopping smoking because then within that I must always stop smoking which is not in essence stopping! To stop something means to remove all points within it and to not participate in anything within the point itself. For example for me to stop greed first greed must exist within me. To stop all participation in points that revolve or connect to greed is to stop it. Meaning that through stopping all points related to greed one does not again exist in greed thus greed stops. Greed may still be here but it is our choice of whether or not to participate in it or anything related to it that in fact stops greed. Or lets take the discrimination of/towards women in this world. To stop this completely we must stop all thoughts about females as separate from ourselves meaning that we do not think of them as less than or different from ourselves. It is to stop all participation in conversations that revolve around females being discriminated and within the stopping of that conversation is to stand up in that moment and redirect it to a point that is not discriminatory towards females. It is to stand up in that moment and speak against the discrimination of/to/towards females and place a stop and an end to the conversation in that point. Stopping all and everything related around one point is effective stopping, through a decision to not participate in it or to allow it in ones reality.

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