Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Money and Placing Value on Substance

Money and Placing Value on Substance

I, since being here have been pushing myself past limitations that I have held against myself from the perspective of ownership and money. When I got here – in the house that I live in now – I was limiting myself extensively from the basis of `this house is not mine` thus I have no ownership/right to it, thus I am a guest in this house which I held against myself and allowed myself to limit myself within. I limited myself at first in terms of food, and drink. I then thought about doing laundry less because I would use water and I am not paying for the water here and thus I have no right to it, thus I am a guest here using the facilities and I must `obey` by the unwritten rules of this household.

Showering was a main part that I was placing value upon = the monetary value of water = having to pay for the utilities that should be provided unconditionally, yet aren’t. So I was limiting myself on the usage of the shower or considering it because of the fact that it involved money and money wasn’t limitless thus I limited and considered limiting myself open showering.

This is something that I have adapted myself to become/do because of the fact that money is limited to ones income = it is not unconditionally given/received thus through me associating what is here with money I did not and still do not allow myself to unconditionally use what is here. I have limited myself extensively through/as the application of money, of how money is used in the current accepted reality.

The main point here is that I have not allowed myself to see substance as substance. I have continually associated a value to substance based on the usage/availability of money and thus have prioritized substance based on my/the limitation of money.

In reality substance is here unconditionally allowing me to use it as myself for whatever purpose/need/want I use it for. It does not judge, it does not limit itself, only I limit myself within the usage, only I judge myself within the usage. Substance allows itself here to be unconditionally supported/used for whatever need/want it is used for. It is us humans that actually have the choice unto what/how we use substance, which means we must investigate how we are using substance as substance and how we have limited ourselves within/as substance as my actions have shown me that I limit myself extensively though placing value onto/as substance through the application/necessity of money in this reality to survive, when really money is absolutely not needed in its current application for humans to survive. What takes for humans to survive is an unconditional support/usage/acceptance of substance here equal and one to us, meaning to realize that we as substance are substance and thus are not separate from substance meaning all that is here as substance. Even through the usage of the word substance implies no separation whatsoever.

Through attaching the value that I have associated with money and substance I have limited myself through placing priority on money itself when in fact substance needs to be priority in this reality as money is not substance in fact. We use substance to define money = money is thus not defining substance in which in the example of me limiting myself within showing I/we have done through defining the usage of water through/as the application/use of money = I defined water through money. When in fact it is substance that allows money to be defined.

Looking at the usage of the word substance, it implies equality as all substance is substance none less or more than substance meaning it is the living statement of equality. We must give equal value to substance as ourselves and not allow ourselves to prioritize or limit ourselves through the current application/limitation of money placing some substance above other substance.

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