Sunday, September 11, 2011

Christianity Teaches Abdication of Self-Responsibility

A few days ago I was searching for my birth certificate with my mom. We stumbled on a writing that I did when I was in kindergarten or grades 1 or 2. The writing consisted of a writing to `God` which the school had the class do. In the writing I said things along the lines of “I love my parents and I hope that they live long”, and within that one point I saw that early on there was a fear of having to take care of myself. The one part of the writing though that really caught me was “I hope that you will take my mom into heaven as she is public”. To explain a bit, while in school I knew of two schools, catholic and public, so within that I had created a separation within defining a person by which school they go to, so I only knew my mom in terms of public at that moment.

This point shows me that while growing up in a catholic school I was taught to see people as religious or not. I was seeing people as religious or not and through that I was separating people in that point. I was not seeing equality I was being shown to look at people in terms of their religious standards.

When reading the part on how I saw my mom differently than me I reacted. I reacted because I saw that even then I was in separation from other people. I did not see them as another being on Earth, I connected definitions to them and held the definitions to them and I defined people as more or less that eachother through their religious group. I saw myself as more than my mother at that time because through the teaching of the catholic system, since I was believing in `god` I was immediately accepted into heaven and those that did not believe were not accepted into heaven, and through the teaching `heaven` is the ultimate joy of `life and death` and I was assuming that since my mother was not a Christian that she was not going to heaven simply because of that reason.
This is the `normal` teaching of Catholicism where believers will go to heaven and those that do not believe will not go to heaven, which is complete absurdity. This teaches separation and within this it teaches judgment, it teaches that it is fine to say whether or not a person is going to heaven on the fact of whether or not they believe, and many will keep their religious status just because they themselves want to go to heaven, thus not thoroughly investigating themselves in what they accept and allow within themselves and thus what they are accepting and allowing within reality. Thus religion is a point of abdication of self-responsibility  through placing the belief that simply because `I` `We` believe, we are going to heaven and thus ot caring what happens because in the `end we are going to heaven` = `it doesn’t matter what I do, god will forgive me because I believed in him` thus allowing the shit that is here on Earth to continue while in fact we are all equally responsible for what is here on Earth through/as being a participant here on Earth as One individual.

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