Friday, August 12, 2011

Perspective on EMS

Aug 8th
Today was my third day in a row being cut early from work. I would normally be stressed out about this as I usually work 8 hour days and in the past 3 days I have worked 3 hour days so that is 9 hours for the 24 that  should have worker = much less money.

The only reason I am not stressed out is because I know that I still have financial backing = I have enough money in my account that I can survive off of for the time being as I know that this is only temporary. Since I know that I have enough funds to support myself I can let that stress go, whereas if someone is down to their last few dollars and has rent to pay at the end of the month I would understand that they would be incredibly stressed out over the fact that they may not work enough to get enough money to pay rent to keep a shelter above their head.

It is nice to be free from stress and money worries and this is what we are proposing within an Equal Money System. In an Equal Money systems `money` will be directly put into ones account so that one has the available funds to support oneself within a system of exchange, that exchange being equal money credits. One is supported to have everything that one needs to be able to survive comfortably in this physical reality, and thus one is free from stress when `quaffs` like this happen, which most likely would not happen in an EMS

This is an example of what an EMS would be like, where one does not need to worry about getting a job and working a set amount of hours in order to be able to feed, clothe, shelter oneself and ones family within this physical reality. It makes life stressless, It does not make it less stressful but stressless as one does not need to worry about how one is abel to put food on the table for tomorrow, or that night possibly, and the fact that that exists is absurd.

Many people who are able to put food on the table for themselves and their family do not question anything within this system as they have everything that they need and thus can focus on things other than `how the fuck are my children going to eat tonight?`, so the people who already have what they need are not in support of a new system as humans have become separated only focusing on themselves individually and not looking at the entire picture of `what is humanity going through` and taking into consideration if one would like to live in the other’s shoes.

I doubt anyone wants to live in impoverished person’s shoes, I have thought about it and I, from ego, have said yes to make believe myself to be benevolent, but in SELF-HONESTY I would fucking hate being in their shoes, I would loath the condition in which I would exist in, and unfortunately I do not express gratitude for what I have. = I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see that what I have in my reality is a fucking luxury, that I am fortunate to have the things that I have when others do not have ANY food to eat for the day
I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to consider what others have to go through in order to survive in this world, and within this I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to do everything possible to bring about a better world so that all may have the luxury that I have and be able to exist without fear of having to eat, stay warm, or stay breathing at the end of the day.

I would not enjoy being in their shoes, so why do I allow it to exist? Why do we allow it to exist, why do WE exist in ignorance of the people who suffer tremendous pain in order to stay BREATHING at the end of the day. I do not accept this as a reality, I do not accept this reality as a reality, and that is why I stand with Desteni and understand that an EMS is a solution to the strife in this world, where finally others can consider eachother as equals instead of within separation of `I am rich and they are poor`. In An EMS consideration will be given to all equally and the question would or should be asked do I want this for myself as them? Would I walk in their shoes? Would I want to Walk in their shoes? And within a System of Equality I would be self-honest when I say yes I would walk in their shoes as we walk as equals meaning they have no less than I do, others have no more than I do, everything is supported as life and thus I would not care if I were to exist as anything as it is all life.

So the other point here is that since humanity is being ridiculous about standing up and that life is now directing itself = there is going to be a point of suffering so that one is able to realize that this is what we have accepted and allowed to exist as ourselves, as this world is an expression of ourselves. Anyways yes suffering is needless if people were to simply see the system for what it is, but since humans are not doing that suffering is basically imminent at the moment, as it will help people see that THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ALLOWING! And from that moment take a stand to make their lives better and thus everyone else’s life better.

So Stand up and decide to not go through suffering to realize that this is what we are existing in, place yourself in another person’s shoes and decide whether or not you would walk in their shoes for a LIFETIME, then decide what you would want for them as ourselves.
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