Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking at the point of equality, why is it so controversial? And why is it hated upon?

Taking a look at what the physical reality is showing us, we all come from the Earth.  We are all made from the Earth’s dust…everything that is here is from the Earth’s dust = we are all equal in that aspect. None of us or thing is more than another or less than another  everything is made from the same source, comes from the same source. The physical is showing us that in every moment, it is only the human that is not taking it into consideration, it is only the human within the mind that has deluded itself from becoming aware of this fact and living this entirely.

This is nothing that is new, this is always been and will always be because when equality exists stability is infinite = equality is infinite. So why is it controversial?

From what I can tell it is only controversial due to fear, it is only fear that has been a limiter and a closed mind limits as well, where one is not able to see the facts of life as themselves due to a closed perception and a pre-programmed perception. The fear that inhabits the human is extensive, fear of changing fear of anything new, and when that is activated the nature of the human becomes destructive, because when fear is activated one reacts with violence and abuse to the world.

So what has happened when the haters go into fear…The desteniproductions channel gets terminated. What they are saying when this is done…well I cannot claim that it is the haters specifically it could have been google itself, yet whomever was involved is stating that I want to continue on living in this world of abuse, of destruction, of human indecency, of starvation, of child prostitution, of drug running, of crime wars, of innocents dying, of wars that exist till no end. That is the statement beign made as desteni’s channel is suspended, as desteni stands for a better world, for living in equality, giving to all unconditionally and equally so that one is able to provide for ones-self the means for life in the physical.

Why is it hated? I am not sure, back when I spoke like these people = the haters – I was playing video games heavily, constantly warring with myself and others to win to be on top yelling and screaming “Get raped, Get owned” = Vile comments as such. I was very immature and only when I saw a video of me playing and acting this way did I stop as I did not want to continue on that path. This is what many people speak of about desteni = vile, rude, vulgar comments about sexuality, and murder and abuse. I can only come to the conclusion that these people too have yet to see how they are acting and what they are actually stating when they `fight` desteni.

From my perspective it will take them time to see how they are acting as it took a video camera for me to see me even though I was completely aware of what I was doing, I just couldn’t `see` `outside` of myself and see the whole of myself. I was wrapped up in the possession that I was participating in, only when I saw it through the video camera was I able to see how disgusting I actually was.

Even if it was not the haters their words still stand and this is still relevant.

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