Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fear = Violence and Destruction

I was driving a car past a couple who were walking their dogs, there were cars parked on the side of the street so making me drive closer to the couple with their dogs than I `normally` would. I felt a point of projection onto the man who was holding the leashes for the dogs, it was a point of fear, and I was projecting myself onto him with fear of me driving too close to him and the dogs being hit by the car. I saw him then pull hard on the leash with fear to try and keep the dogs by his side. It looked very discomforting to the dogs for the leash to be pulled like that.

His fear led to violence...I am equally responsible for his fear because I was thinking the exact same thing as he was, and thus I accepted the fear just as he did instead of me realizing that I am in control of the car and I have self-directive power of/as the car and thus I can decide where to direct the car.

I have seen many examples of fear leading to violence and death. There was a wasp in a van with me and my father, he being allergic to bees caused a fear within him. As well I was reacting with splurges of fear when it would come close to my hand. I was attempting to direct it out of the window with my hand and when it would come close to my hand I reacted with fear as well, although there was no physical reaction from me in this instance. The wasp was not moving out of the window and the fear became too great for my father which he then smacked the wasp with paper and knocked it out. I thought it was dead and gone thus I stomped on it with my foot to make sure it was dead so that it would not suffer from being concussed or injured due to the impact from being hit. In this instance again fear took over the being and he reacted with violence to his fear of being stung.

When people fear all they see is the fear, they cannot see the actuality of whatever it is they fear, they can ONLY see the fear that they are making up from the image that they are seeing, and people generally dislike fear so they want to get rid of it within themselves, not seeing that it is them themselves that are fearing, they are placing the cause of the fear onto the image that they are connecting fear with and thus they want to get rid of the image that they are fearing = in this case the wasp, in the previous case the dog being hit by the car, wherein the man violently tugged on the leash to remove the image of fear happening in reality.

It is never the image that is fear itself, it is us that is fear itself. We are the fear and the acceptance of the fear, and from us not wanting to face our fears we always turn to destruction and violence towards whatever it is that we are projecting fear onto.

A friend of mine has a fear of wasps due to being stung heavily when he was a child. He would usually run from wasps out of fear, and if they followed he would swat them and stomp on them if possible = do everything in his power to kill the wasp and remove the fear from him = it is an IMAGE wherein if he were not to see the image of the wasp there would be no fear. Anyways at one point I suppose he realized that he could kill them and that he did not need to run away as much. One day he went on a killing spree of wasps and was continuously repeating “I am facing my fear” when in actuality one is only acting on their fear when they try and destroy something. To face ones fear is to not allow the fear to inhabit yourself, it is to realize that the fear is not real, it would be to realize that the wasp may or may not sting, and that it is simply living its life. To face the fear is to REMOVE the fear from yourself and not become and act on the fear = that is REALly facing ones fear.

So when a being acts on fear it leads to violence and destruction, and I am sure that that is why the human has been destroying the Earth so immensely = fear of life, whereas in the early years of the human we have had to seclude ourselves from nature due to the harm that it may cause to us = fear. So now unconsciously we are still involving ourselves within fear to life, fear to what the Earth may bring for us in terms of harm, and that is why Unconsciously we are destroying the Earth in every way.

Fear for me in terms of wasps and harm to myself is slowly being removed as I am the creator of my own harm = there was a wasp following a red package that I had in my hand, and me not wanting to deal with it was moving the package away from the wasp to where it stayed in the same proximity to the package as I was moving it = bees see differently and they thus move according to how they see = that is why it was staying in the same proximity to the package even though I was moving it away from it. Now if I were to react in fear in that moment I would panic with the thoughts of `shit this isn’t working how do I get this to stop?` then would most likely result to killing the wasp. But in that moment of it following the package I remembered how wasps or bees see and I knew then why it was doing it = it wasn’t unknown to me = fear of the unknown. I stopped moving the package and it went away maybe after 2 seconds and I went on my way as did it, so I did not access fear within me although it came up momentarily and thus I did not need to resort to violence or destruction of life, and thus if I reacted in fear the wasps would sense it and react in fear within itself due to my fear and protect itself in the way/capability that it has = its stinger and most likely attempt to sting me = I am the creator of my own harm due to fear.

In the Desteni I process, in the third or forth lesson we deal with fears and learn how to effectively FACE the fears, and within this we stop the HARM and ABUSE that we have created to this world as ourselves, visit for more information.  

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