Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stimulation and Physicality.

Mar 6th 2011 6:46pm

I have nothing to write about in the context of myself, I have been up for 3 hours and have only been on the computer. I have not lived I am only observing, and I am looking for something to place myself into, I am looking for something to put myself into, I am thinking about smoking so that I may participate in something. I am sitting here looking for something to do, I am bored. I am waiting for work and waiting to go home to my home. I am not applying myself in areas in which I could be…I am looking to stimulate my mind. I am looking to stimulate my mind through cigarettes, skateboarding, I could be reading, but I am not. I am looking for energy. I am not participating in the physical, I am within my mind right now looking for something to attach to in which I can give myself a task within, something that is entertaining though. So this is harmful for me and I am going to read.

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