Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Socializing and `Falling`

Feb 16th 2011 10:03pm

I am here right now finishing the last of the `The girl who` movies, If you are not familiar it doesn’t matter lol. I have started to write and watch movies at the same time. The distraction of this is quite interesting. I have done this before and I get distracted quite easily by the video and forget and stop caring about writing. I start to become much more interested in the movie than in writing. Right now I see a difference. I am not as distracted. I am able to type effectively and watch the movie together. I notice that I am much more distracted with facebook than anything else. I plan to write or to do something and I become entanced by facebook and start to look at everything and purposely distract myself with socialization.

Socialization is a large distraction and falling point for me. When smoking cigarettes socializing was my biggest point to move through. To stand alone was my biggest point within that. When I was falling on that point I desired to be included within the socialization so I would give into smoking so that I could socialize. One large point was that within work where a co-worker who I did not know too well smoked and at a point where I was working with him, he asked me to go out for a cigarette. That morning I stood with confidence in stopping smoking and that point took me over. I socialized and went for a smoke, debating with myself to not do that yet I gave in to socializing within smoking. Within that moment I did not stand under my own principles but gave myself up to a want to socialize. As well this happened many times, as I have placed others as more than me. When I think about it now and place myself within that situation there is a fear of falling again within that point where I see someone as much more than me who smokes and asks me to smoke and within that I give in to socializing with them as I want to be like them. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to place my own actions outside of myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become an idea of myself in the situation of being in an environemtn where I believe someone is `more than me` in which I become the idea of myself that I should follow the superior being.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I must follow a superior being.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that I am one and equal with all beings, all life, all of existence as myself.

So I am sure that I am not the only one who falls within socializing, becoming an idea of who they should be within the context of the situation. For which I say stand as yourself, Breathe and bring yourself back into your body instead of comparing yourself with the other. Breathe and make sure that you stand absolutely as yourself with no doubt of who you are within that moment, not being an idea of yourself, but standing as yourself as your principles. Remove the want to be like the `superior being` and place yourself equal to the other, Know that you are equal to the other, and allow yourself to stand as yourself. Breathe, make sure you stick to breath…this could be for drinking, smoking, doing something criminal, or simply laughing along when you know that you think it is not funny, just to fit in and socialize.

Socializing has become a large enslavement point for many beings. It is the experience of placing yourself less than another for some stupid fucking reason, and wanting to be like the superior being, thus mimicking them standing as an idea of yourself being less than and as well an idea of who you want to be within comparison to the other. Stand as yourself and this is done within breath. Can only be done within breath. Stop giving yourself up humanity to some bullshit ideals of yourself…trying to be the ideal person of yourself through following the `superior being` constantly within an infinite loop.

To start to research breath and what humanity as yourself have really become Join Desteni visit http:/ Humanity needs to change and the tools and the support provided within the site/group is phenomenal, it is unfathomable, as one will never see support like this outside of the site, as all others are systems all following their ideals of themselves, become the ideal of yourself through creating yourself within breath of each moment. Stand as yourself, Stand as Life! Join Desteni, Support an Equal Money system

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