Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Becoming Consumers

I just finished watching the documentary "Consuming Kids: The commercialization of childhood" which outlays how companies are specifically targeting kids to become consumers of specific products when they become older. It shows how children television shows support certain products throughout the show in order to get the kid to symbolize happiness/success or some other positive emotion with the product compelling them to find ways to manipulate their parents into buying the product for them.

What I want to cover in this blog is this point without judgment or morality. Looking at this point without judgment of the companies or advertising agencies, they have done extremely well in using the accepted and allowed systematics in this system in order to maintain their survival. They have done extensive research on children and what they react to, as far as watching them take a bath to see how they use and manipulate the products they use whilst taking a bath, in order to find out everything that they can mentally and physically to sell their product to them effectively. What is unfortunate here is that this is what this system wants and supports = survival of the fittest. The companies have gone this far because they must compete with other companies so they must find out absolutely everything about their demographic in order to manipulate them into becoming a consumer of said product from cradle to grave. So the only thing here is that they have done very well at managing their survival within capitalism through manipulating and deceiving the masses, they are brilliant in this aspect.

We start off as children and become impulsed continuously, daily, with messages and symbols from media outlets that promote happiness, fun, enjoyment, success, or any other positively energized emotion in connect to that product. We then look for these products to fulfill our lives with and constantly search for in order to make ourselves feel happy, separating ourselves from ourselves as creators of ourselves. We then become emotionally possessed the majority of the time and we start to lose ourselves as who we are as life. This is what the system supports, this is what capitalism/consumerism supports. Is it the best interest of all life? Clearly no. We need a new system to live under, because unfortunately we as ourselves need to be guided at the moment, if we remove all systems at this point, life we become much more hectic, dangerous, `evil`, violent than ever. We need a system that supports all Life equally, one that gives all life on this planet an equal opportunity for life.

In an Equal Money System profit is removed, because CAPITAL is no longer the objective of the system. More money is irrelevant in an Equal Money System, so what we are left with is what can I/we produce that makes our lives easier and more effective. One can argue that contemplating a product that will make our lives easier is a symptom of capitalism, but what happens is that life is disregarded in this aspect, and only money is the focus point when considering a development. In an EMS what we will produce will be best for life because there will be no opportunity for deception or manipulation into getting the `upper hand` because all will be given to Equally. The necessities of life will be provided to everyone equally, and all will have the same opportunity as their neighbours. This is take a lot of work of course.
Companies won't have to fight for survival as well, they will not need to develop new ways of manipulating or deceiving the population into buying a specific product because the people that make up the company will be supported with or without said company, so they in turn are able to make the choice in which is best for life. The companies that have targeted kids to become consumers have only done so within the allowances of the accepted system. They have used the rules within the system to their advantage, so it is us who are equally responsible for allowing the system in place and it is us who must stop blaming and judging people who use the system because we use the same system, thus we must create a new system out of our own will, one that supports what is best for all life on this planet in every way. One that allows no opportunity or need to deceive, manipulate, and/or abuse. To find out how an Equal Money System will operate, and to find out how it will be implemented, visit

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