Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Courage facing our thoughts

Does Process take Bravery? Courage? + How does one develop said courage

In the process of self awareness we must face ourselves unconditionally. We must face the ugliness that is ourselves in/as the reflection of the world who we are living as. Meaning that the world is a reflection of ourselves and we must face who we are as the world equal and one. Self-honesty is a must and that is where courage comes in, because if you look at what and how humans are living as themselves they are quite fucked up, and that is what we in fact have to face = how fucked up we are living as.

Look at your thoughts and see how many thoughts that you have had over your lifetime that you have attempted to stuff away into your physical and suppress within your sub and unconscious minds in order to not face the fact that you have accepted and allowed those thoughts to take space within as yourself and your reality. That is where courage comes in, looking at ourselves in self honesty to the point of facing the ugliness that is ourselves. Anything less than that will be a fuck up that we will have to move through only to get back to the point of self-honesty again. It takes dedication to be consistently willing to look at ourselves in the mirror and to see who we are in fact are. I mean fuck, I have resisted many thoughts because of the ugliness of the thoughts and in that I have become weak in my application because I have not had the courage to face myself in/as the thoughts that I have accepted and allowed as me as mind.

So yes facing ourselves is going to take courage from self and self will because no one can do this for us except for us and in that we must take responsibility for ourselves and in that we must be willing/courageous to look at who we are in/as the ugliness that we have become and developed ourselves as. The ugliness is not our enemy it is who we have become and in self honesty can we face that which we have become and transcend ourselves to become human in fact. For all that struggle with this point I suggest listening to this interview ( done by Anu which will assist tremendously with this point.


  1. Cool Paul - yes, it's takes courage to face who we have accepted - as 'ugly' we believe it is. I find myself sometimes having to really push myself to look at/see what is existing within me - yet, I dare myself to go there as I realize this truly is self honest. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree that interview was quite mind blowing. Thank you for sharing, Paul - cool