Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Microchipping Humans

Yesterday me and a few co-workers got into a discussion about microchipping. I was `in support` of microchipping due to human nature whereas they were opposed to it. I was having trouble elaborating on the subject and as to why I was `in support` of it other than desteni is in support of it so this here is for me to explain my backing of said microchipping and to further elaborate on the subject for myself.

Microchipping can be an absolutely useful tool in terms of managing humans. Face it, humans are deceitful, manipulative, abusive, harmful, etc, so why and how can we trust humans with the nature in which it exists currently, and even more than that how can we trust them to change their nature without self-forgiveness. The microchip then becomes a solution at monitoring humans and making sure that crimes against life do not happen, making sure that a human being is stopped and corrected before it takes the thoughts into physical action of harming another human being.

Look at the example of the Okalahoma Bombing where an individual blew up a truck killing a little over a hundred human beings. If this person was monitored through his actions and the key signal points were caught showing that this person is going to harm someone or some people he could have been stopped and shown how we was in fact only harming himself and how destruction/violence/murder is not a solution to what he was going through. It could have been shown to him how he was in fact creating the fuckupedness that was existing in/as himself  and shown how to release himself of his self-created demons. So in that manner it is possible to stop many people from committing criminal acts before they set out to harm another living being.  Same can be said for the Norway killer who murdered 77 people. If he was monitored he would have simply been stopped before this man could commit these crimes. So for the reason that the human is the way it is, it is beneficial for the human to be monitored through microchipping so that we are not allowed to become this possessed and are able to be helped before we kill people.

One of the arguments that they were carrying with them is the `mind-control`, where the argument is based out of the belief that the `higher powers` or `elite` will control their every whim and get them to do their bidding. What is ironic in this situation is that we are now controlled to abide by their every whim. We accept going to war as a justifiable action to people who `offend us` or do not follow our own set of rules. We buy the products that they want us to buy and we give into the belief that we need these products. There is rarely a person that exists that is not influenced whatsoever by media and the desires supported through media, thus we are controlled through our desires into doing what the `elite` want. So the argument stating they will control us becomes irrelevant because we are already controlled to an extensive level.

Another argument was brought up of conforming to society, that the creators of the microchip and/or monitors of the microchip will cast out any person who thinks differently than the accepted norm of society and jail them or brainwash them. If you have read 1984 by George Orwell this refers to `Thought Police`. Now what is fascinating about this reality is that they don’t need to monitor individual by individual on their thoughts, because the moment a person speaks about a different life, other individuals will snap on them, call them outcasts, hate on them, and do everything that they see fit to stop the person from continuing to speak against the accepted and allowed norms, so what has developed now is much better than thought police because society will attempt to shut down any person who speaks out against society, so a group of individuals do not need to monitor other individuals because the whole monitors the whole keeping everyone in check and balance to the conformity of the society.. A perfect example is desteni where we stand as a message that humanity is killing this Earth, that we are but a infection to  this Earth, but through forgiving ourselves, through becoming aware of our actions, through transcending our minds we can create a new self that is will live in the principle of what is best for all and thus harmonizing self with the Earth yet, many individuals fear this message, and throw abusive, really nasty, words at us, even going to the extent of death threats showing that the whole will attack an individual that speaks out against the whole effectively keeping the whole in check and balance to the accepted and allowed rules/laws without question. So the point of they will monitor anyone who thinks outside of the accepted norm is again already established despite microchipping.

So what I've learnt is that people who are against microchipping only want to defend their ability to abuse others, they want to defend their own thoughts that harm others, they want to defend their `right to abuse` as it were. I see no other reason as to defend humanity to not have microchips other than fear and the want to continue abuse.  For more information read the material at Investigate to understand why/how humanity has been living the way that it has. Only when we forgive ourselves for how we have been acting, once we live the forgiveness, once we start to live as breath realizing that we are not separate from this Earth can we start to rebuild ourselves and our lives on this Earth equal and one.

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