Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Sweet Sweet Sugary Death.

While watching a speech given entitled “Sugar: The bitter Truth” it was fascinating to see how exactly the body breaks down our foods into chemicals that the cells take in to provide nutrients to itself, and how fructose is one of the worst things the chemically break down for our body. It is equal to consuming alcohol.  In the speech he says “you wouldn’t think twice about giving your child a Budweiser but we don’t even question given them a soda”.

It is astounding to hear how much sugar we ingest in a year and how much it has increased over the years since the end of world war 2. The reason why we have started to ingest so much sugar is because of the cheapness of that sugar and the ability to use sugar to make more money off of people. For example soft drink companies put caffeine and salt into their drinks which makes us dehydrated. The reason why the drinks do not taste bitter is because of sugar, thus the sugar coats our taste buds allowing us to only taste what is sweet while we are in fact dehydrating ourselves causing us to want to drink more which then leads us to drink more soft drinks if that is what we have become accustomed to drinking.  In this example the soft drink companies know what they are doing and because of the accepted capitalistic system this is not stopped even though it is a crime towards life because it leads to diabetes, mood swings, depression, addiction, heart attacks, strokes etc, when they can easily be prevented through not allowing an abundance of sugar to permeate through our food sources.

Why this is accepted and allowed the way it is is because of the capitalistic system, where in this system anything that is able to make money is allowed to be produced. Such as the `drug war` where governments are purposely allowing drugs to move through countries and be used in order to maintain a revenue for themselves and as well create the DEA so that they can control the flow of drugs and control the flow of money and have a agency that they can monitor easily so that they actually to do not solve the problem but allow it to continue all in order to make money. This goes the same for sugar and its effects on our bodies, where it is well known how much damage sugar does to our bodies but it is not regulated nor banned because companies make too much money off of it and they also have the FDA in their pocket to allow the abuse to continue unhindered all in order to generate capital.

The only time that this abuse of sugar will stop is when money is given equally so that all may have an equal say on what they want to eat. Because the families at the bottom of the pyramidic system do not have enough funds to support themselves eating healthy, they eat what they can get and what they can get is full of sugar which only causes more problems, so it is not a possibility for poor families to stop eating sugary products and eat healthy because the healthy food costs a fuck load more than the sugary foods. So as you can see, once money is distributed equally and we change the rules of the system in support of all life equally and in support of what is best for life only then will we see a change in the way we eat and a change in the products we consume. As for now I would suggest growing your own food…as much of it as you can so that we start creating distance from companies that infest their products with sugar and sugar related substances until we have an Equal Money system in place so that we can all have an equal say on what we want to eat, stopping the influence from a lack of money to dictate what and how we eat.

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