Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Changing Human Nature

There is a measurement called the Power-Distance Index that measures how people see titles in this system and how they are within/as the definitions of the titles. For instance it measures how an employee will see their manager and how far they see the manager from themselves. A high power distance indexed country is Brazil, and a Low PDI country is New Zealand, so in Brazil a manager has a lot of power over an employee and that employee will be subservient to their manager to the fullest extent whereas in New Zealand an employee would take much less `shit` from their employer, and more so, see their employer as their equal.

In the book outliers `Outliers` by Malcolm Gladwell, the PDI is brought up in relation to investigating how flights crash and what events and significant roles are taking place in the case of crashes. The PDI consists of measuring a person’s view of a `superior` figure in their world to determine the PDI, but it is not only the `view` of a superior but the accepted and allowed `nature` of how the superior is able to be treated and is expected to be treated by a subordinate.  In the book an account of an auditor sitting in on a flight with Korean Air is given

In the Delta report on Korean Air that was posted anonymously on the Internet, one of the auditors tells a story of sitting in on a Korean Air flight where the first officer for confused while listening to the Air Traffic Control and mistakenly put the plane on a course intended for another plane…..and then comes the key sentence: “Captain hit First Officer with the back of his hand for making the error.””(Gladwell, 214)

In this example the power distance index is clearly shown where the captain is the superior and the first officer is the subordinate and the interactions between the two are severely one-sided. In the accepted and allowed nature of Koreans the superior is able to hit the subordinate for making a mistake and it is accepted as so, thus the nature of a subordinate that is programed into/as the culture of Koreans is to be submissive, passive, to take abuse, etc. Here is another example of how the accepted and allowed nature of a superior and a subordinate is Korean culture.

At a dinner table, a lower-ranking person must wait until a higher-ranking person sits down and starts eating, while the reverse does not hold true; one does not smoke in the presence of a social superior; when drinking with a social superior, the subordinate hides his glass and turns away from the superior;…in greeting a social superior a Korean must bow” (Ho-min Sohn)

Why this is important is because in the investigation of airline crashes the First officer whom was communicating with the Air Traffic control centre, or with the captain himself, who had witnessed a dire mistake with the route, plane, or operation of the plane was too timid and passive to speak up about the problem to his `superiors` which lead to quite a few crashes in Korean Airlines.

When all of this was going on (Korean Airlines is not a top ranking airline is flights to crash ratio) Korean Airlines called in an outside person to solve this problem which was inherent in the Korean’s nature. He had to re-train them to develop assertiveness and to take control over situations when it is needed from them to avoid a crash or a fatal failure in communication or operations. The Koreans who were employed by Korean Airlines had to make substantial changes to their nature of who they accepted and allowed themselves to be in order to function properly and safely while flying a plane.

After leaving Korean Air, Greenberg helped start up a freight airline called Cargo 360, and he took a number of Korean pilots with him. They were all flight engineers, who had been number three, after the captain and the first officer, in the strict hierarchy of the original Korean Air. “These were guys who had performed in the old environment at Korean Air for as much as fifteen to eighteen years,” he said. “They had accepted that subservient role. They had been at the bottom of the ladder. We retrained them and put them with Western crew. They’ve been a great success. They all changed their style. They take initiative. They pull their share of the load. They don’t wait for someone to direct them. These are senior people, in their fifties with a long history in one context, who have been retrained and are now successful doing their job in a Western cockpit (Gladwell, 220)

So for all you nay-sayers that human nature cannot and will not change in relation to an Equal Money system, here is proof that human nature can indeed change, it is all in the choices of who and what we accept and allow ourselves to be and become. You only are against an Equal Money system so that you can maintain your lifestyle and keep your abusive selves and the abusive system and world that we are currently living within/as. To state that human nature is unable to change is only stating that you are not willing to change as it is evident and clear that humans do in fact have the ability to change their nature. Stop fighting for your right to abuse, join desteni and change self into/as a better self that walks in support of what is best for all in every moment so that we may manifest what is best for all here on this Earth, and stop stating that human nature is unable to change as that is not fact.

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