Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 How The Physical shows that knowledge is useless

I am working with muscle communication this month for the Desteni I Process and I was struggling for a bit because I was not letting go of knowledge and unconditionally testing the points, words, letters, numbers, etc.

When I would test for information I would believe that I already knew the answer and from that expect an unlock or lock at a certain point, and in this I saw that I was having a preconceived idea about when it should lock or unlock and thus not testing the information correctly. For example with testing with a series of information I was hesitant on allowing myself to unlock at the beginning of the information, meaning that if I am testing through numbers I was hesitant on unlocking with indicator/change on number 1 because I was believing/knowing that it is rarely the first bit of information but in that I was not testing unconditionally because it could absolutely be the first bit of information.

What I had to do then was to see all the information as equals and stop allowing preference or knowledge to interfere with my testing. I had to see the letter A equal to the letter F and equal to the letter Z and equal to all letters and in that I was truely asking the question if A was the letter I should work with, instead of expecting it to stay locked because of a belief/knowledge of the answer is rarely at the beginning. So in that me `knowing` that the answer is rarely at the beginning of information was limiting me on testing the information unconditionally and allowing myself to doubt the testing. When doing this part of the  DIP, if you go through what I went through the practical communcation video #9 was of great assistance, because in that you test unconditionally you use no knowledge to move yourself, and in that you have to trust self and the physical equal and one.

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