Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Why Aliens are not coming to `Save us`

2012 Why Aliens are not coming to `save us`

It is a commonly held belief that a race of superior beings will come down this year and rescue only a certain few to restart the human race over again once the `shit has hit  the fan`. Unfortunately, no matter how great this sounds, this is not going to happen. If aliens were watching us they would see and understand that we as humanity are simply killing ourselves and are deciding to do nothing about it. They would the understand that humans are complete morons and should not exist another generation because all that we have done throughout our history is abuse, rape, demolish, de-life the Earth.

Take a look at what if aliens were watching us. They would see us killing eachother. They would see us clearing out forests that provide oxygen for us as well as all other non-plant life on this Earth. They would see us destroying wildlife habitats continuously. They would see us dehumanizing other humans because of a belief in who `created us`. They would see people allowing people to starve to death while others get to live in a luxury that is unheard of in the natural world. They would see animals being raised so that they can be slaughtered, they would see animals being kept in conditions that are horrendous, abused and tortured. Given all this that they would see on a MASS scale why would they decide that humanity must live on and that a few must repopulate the Earth? Because of Love? Unfortunate as it is, love has never existed and will never exist within/as humanity in the current state of/as humanity = look at the entirety of the human race and its actions and tell me if there is anything that resembles love. Because a few specific human beings love? Again, no that does not exist either, in the micro and macrocosm all relate each other equally thus one human is equal to all of humanity thus not one human loves when humanity exists the way it does. Thus why would an `intelligent` being decide to save humanity? If an alien was intelligent it would know not to waste its time on humanity because humanity has shown what it actually is.

So people, we have created this mess that we are currently surrounded by and we must get ourselves out of this mess. There are no alien races that will be coming to save our asses from our own shit, we must take responsibility for what we have created here on Earth and fix ourselves as the mess that we have created. We must fix this mess by `fixing`/changing ourselves into something that supports life. This takes a reworking of our Nature as human beings, and it first takes an understanding of our Nature as human beings currently. It is not going to be fun because we must face the shit that we are in order to become fertilizer for life. We must forgive ourselves for what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as and do, so that we can move past how we are acting and re-create ourselves in equality in the physical as Earth/Universe. Investigate the tools of Self-honesty, Self-forgiveness, Self-correction as well as the principles of what is best for all and Equality and Oneness at . Research, investigate, and support an Equal money system as the solution for a method on how to receive the necessities of life at

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