Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Teen Mom and Equal Money

There is a show on the network MTV that’s called Teen Mom. This show involves the following of lives of women who have gotten pregnant and have had the kid when they are 16-19 themselves. The show follows their lives and what they struggle with and how they deal with their issues, basically every part of their lives become public. One thing that struck me was that two of the three moms that were shown in the episode all were struggling with money and each of their segments within/as the show all revolved around money. One got into a car accident and needed a new car so that she would be able to go to school, work, and take care of her kid, and she said to her baby “How are we going to get money for a new car?” she eventually filed for child support to get more of an income so that she could support her child as well as herself.. Another mom had to leave her apartment, I forget the exact reason, but something along the lines of it was not going to be rented out anymore, so she had to find a new place to live and find the funds to pay rent, pay for utilities, food, etc. All of these lives are terrible lives and they must be littered with stress and it is unfortunate that anyone has to go through this in order to live within/as the system.

These are perfect examples of how an EMS will assist and support all beings in this world with taking care of themselves and the responsibilities that they hold. Let’s start with the girl who crashed her car and had to find a new one. She has to go to school, go to work, and take her child around to day care, the hospital etc, and for her to do this a car is essential, thus it becomes a necessity. She ended up crashing her car and through that had to find a scrap yard that will give her the most for her car, so that she can put a down payment on another car. She was having a very hard time finding the funds to support herself and her child so she had no other choice but to file for child support. In an EMS where a living standard is supported equally throughout the world her car would be provided for her so that she can get from point A to B to C etc, so that she can live within/as the accepted system. In her situation though, the only reasons that she would need the car for would to possibly take her child to the hospital and get food and basic errands. Her having to go to school and/or work would be out of the question because the child would be the main focus and the ability to give as much as possible and the best focus to the child would be there and that opportunity would be taken. Through an accepted living standard that all of us as humans agree upon and through a different method of how we use the tool that is money this life that this girl is living can be much easier, simply by retooling the tool of/as money and the money system. She can have the car that she needs to provide the necessities for herself and her child, she can have the time to properly look after the kid, she can be free from stress of having to constantly search for more money so that she is able to survive and provide the means for her child to survive as well, all that is needed is provided.

Obviously raising a child is one of the most important things as it results in a being being created,  and to have a system in place where more focus must be given to money than to the well being and livelihood of a child is absurd, the child must get the most attention, attention for what it is doing, becoming, living as, and to assist that child in seeing itself within/as equality and oneness as this Earth shows us. So shows like Teen Mom will not exist in an EMS as their lives will not be hard and filled with `drama` to be exploited, their lives will be the best lives that will be possible to live as. Support the Equal Money system by investigating it yourself and sharing your understandings/questions/comments etc about how it operates = no abuse as abuse will be ignored. Investigate what Desteni has to share about Equality and Oneness and what reality is in actuality and how we as humans are living.


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