Sunday, December 11, 2011

No More Killing Animals for Profit

No More Killing Animals for profit

In an Equal Money system there will be no more killing animals for profit. How it exists now, is that some African countries will host hunting expeditions for the ones who can afford it. They go to these countries to hunt elephants, tigers, antelope etc, all for the purpose of supporting ones ego in being able to say that I shot an antelope etc. These countries do this to help out with their GDP and tourism revenues, all within the game that is capitalism. In an EMS there will exist no profit as we know and have defined it today, profit will be the betterment of life here on Earth, life will Profit, so without profit there exists no need to hunt animals or kill animals for profit, so that one can gain a bit of money so that they can feel as though they have won in the game of/as capitalism.

Money has caused life to be abused...not money, but they way we use money, the way we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become in regards to money. Thus changing the way money is used will stop an extensive amount of abuse in the name of profit and survival. There will not need to be these massive meat industries in an EMS because of the entire profit point needed to survive, meaning that there will not need to be a constant increase on the amount of meat eaten by the human for meat industries to succeed, and they will definitely not exist as they are today as we are not giving the animals breed for slaughter a chance to in fact live, to be and express themselves one and equal to/with nature.

Dolphin slaughter will cease to exist as the point of imprisoning these creates so that we can train them to do tricks and entertain us for the sole point of profit will no longer exist, thus the point of gathering up the dolphins to be examined and sold off and slaughter the ones who are not chosen to be `show dolphins` will stop immediately. Our lives will be provided to us and we will stop destroying this earth in order to survive through/as making money/profit so that we can exist here on Earth. What we need as humans/as life, will be given to us unconditionally because we are life, because we need it to live ehre on Earth, and the entire point of/as needing money in order to purchase the things that we as life need to exist will stop as that supports tremendous abuse that we see today. Thus with our lives being supported we will no longer need to diminish life, we will have the ability and time to support life as well, we will have time to make life better instead of fighting for survival. If this sounds nice, investigate

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