Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa's Elves

Santa’s Elves

During the Christmas season many of us want and want and want, and we do not consider what this want comprises of, of what happens because of our wants. We want cheap prices and we want specific items to support our self-interests, and we do not and have not considered why or how we can get the things we want at the prices we want. In order for companies to comply with the customer’s wants of cheap prices they must cut corners in certain areas of production so that they meet the wants of the customers, this area that is compromised is usually worker’s wages. They are paid minimal amounts of currency so that they are reliant on the job for the income to provide necessities for life, they then work overtime so that they can make that little bit more money so that they can give themselves some dignity in purchasing things that they need for themselves as well.

The working conditions of the workers are horrendous to European or North American standards. Some workers work 14 hour days 7 days a week, and when demand is up sometimes they work throughout the night a full 24 hour work shift. This is all due to our consumption and our system of/as capitalism. All the companies involved within/as the process of manufacturing goods want to make a profit at some point, and there are many things to consider = transportation costs, what the customer is willing to pay, how much profit the company intends to make, stock market prices, investors, production costs, and all of this needs to be minimal as possible in order to make the most profit such is the game that is capitalism = tying to make the most capital, and in all of this there are middle man companies such as shipping services or transportation services that are attempting to make profit as well so that they can survive within/as the game of/as capitalism. It is a fucked up revolution of money and a fucked up game with everyone attempting to win, which is impossible. Thus in order to make as much money as possible the working conditions and wages paid are minimal, with most workers living within factory owned and provided housing, so it becomes and is a prison for most of the workers as they cannot afford to live elsewhere, which is systematically set up by the companies to keep the people under their control, which money becomes the medium for/as control. This is due to the accepted and allowed method of the transference, rules, and laws that have become the money system that is capitalism, thus WE are ALL responsible for the conditions that people live in due to thee accepted `nature` of/as the money system and of as ourselves. When we want things and money is involved the companies try and support those wants and make as much profit as possible when exploiting those wants making as much money as possible means to not put out the best product, to not put in the least amount of money possible to come out with a product that people are satisfied with, and again the wages and living conditions of the workers are also compromised.

We do not see all that there is when Christmas is around, we do not see the millions of workers having to work in horrid conditions and getting paid just enough to provide themselves with a meal so that they cannot save enough money to move out of the conditions that they live in, we see only our wants, we have been blinded by the flashing lights and `neat` colours instead of looking at what is in fact taking place as capitalism/consumption. This is how we have accepted the world to be and how we have accepted ourselves to be.

This world of capitalism/consumerism cannot last for much longer as it is unsustainable into infinity, we are going to outwork ourselves deplete resources, cause environmental disasters etc. All of this is due to our financial system and the way we accept it to exist. Therefore there must be an existential change to the economic system, one that does not support slavery to money, one that does not support endless consumption of products for `endless` money. To find out more investigate

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