Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Changing Reality

"Combing the mirror. We are trying to change out there, which is nothing more than a mirror in here of our sense of reality... If we want to comb our hair, we don't comb the mirror, we comb our hair and the mirror than reflects that, when we change this, the mirror out there reflects this, and the world changes. It's just a mirror, a mirror reality.
We are the power in everyone. We are the dance of the moon and the sun. We are the hope that will never hide. We are the turning of the tide."
David Icke

This is a quote from David Icke describing that this world is a reflection of us, if we change than the world changes. What is in fact true within this is that our realities are a mirror of us, meaning that we shape and create our own reality according to who we are and have become. Thus `if we change ourselves then we can change the world`, this is not true as we will only be able to change our world, we will only be able to change the way we live, not the way humanity lives. In order to change the way humanity lives we, as all as humanity, must decide a `goal` or a principle to stand within/as so that all of/as humanity are standing and supporting the exact same point. What we are doing now is standing each on a separate individual page in a book of life = we are all standing on our own page wanting and only considering ourselves instead of standing in/as the book supporting the book. Thus if we change ourselves we are only able to change the page as that is currently how we are existing and without the agreement of all the pages/humans, we will not be able to change the book, we will not be able to stand and support what is best for all life.

The reason why this will not have an effect on life is because of the fact that this supports the entire self-interest system that has been existing within/as humans for millennia. If I were to take this into me and apply it, I would then attempt to change my reality for the better of me, which would mean more money, a larger house, more property etc, which does not support anything other than again my self-interests, and does not change the world entirely. This world would be stuck in the same shit that it is stuck in now even if I were to change myself, the key is to support humans in making the choice to stand as all in this world and create a world where we would be pleases with switching shoes with anyone else in this world. The key is to assist humans is stopping the separate paged existence and see the we are a page within an entire fucking book, and realize that we are this book as well, and that this book/Earth/Life is being destroyed because we are only looking out for one page and not in the interest of what is best for the book/life. This does not assist all humans in realizing that we are in fact one and equal within this reality, it is in support of changing self for the `betterment` of self and not for/as the entirety of life equal and one.

Then there are the statements “We are the power in everyone. We are the dance of the moon and the sun. We are the hope that will never hide. We are the turning of the tide. “ These are statements that simply have no support of the physical reality, they are only pretty words that fuck your ears. They have no practical purpose of being said there is no statements or practical direction within/as the words being said thus they become and are irrelevant and only exist as pretty words to fuck ears. Thus they have no practical application to them and are thus ineffective at doing anything except fucking ears.

The point in changing reality is to allow humans to make the choice that is best for all, to show humans what/how we have been living and remove the blinders on ourselves that this world is `nice, pretty, magnificent` and not wake up and see that hell that is taking place daily on this Earth. It is to realize how this reality is functioning and decide to stand as life for all of life and do what is best for life as life is us, as we do not `live` eternally through/as our individuality, we live eternally through/as standing as life, living as life making decisions based on life, not individual wants. It is to realize that all that is here is equal and one to/as ourselves and to stand as ourselves as all equal and one and direct ourselves from that point eternally, constantly moving/living as all that is here as self. This is what I have learnt through participating with desteni for years, I have seen that desteni principles consider all that is here and what is best for all and how to practically and effectively make a change that supports ALL LIFE on this Earth. Thus if you truly do care about this Earth about the existence of this reality in its current state, stand with/as us for/as all life, join desteni.

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