Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mercy and Justice are fundamental for civlized human Life

Mercy and Justice are fundamental for civlized human Life

This was a quote from an English course assignment that I am working on. I looked at this point and saw it as bullshit. Why is it bullshit? Looking at how and why justice and mercy first exist is because there must be a form of uncivilized action, events for mercy or justice to exist, thus a starting point of justice and mercy is from/as uncivilized action. Thus justice and mercy is needed IN an uncivilized environment to attempt to maintain a civilized environment, thus they are not fundamental for a civilized life, they are fundamental in an uncivilized life.

In a civilized life, where all humans are civilized there would obviously be no need for mercy or justice as it would be CIVILIZED, crime, murder, rape, starvation, would not exist as it would be civilized thus no crimes against ourselves would exist and thus mercy would not exist and thus justice as we have come to know/define it today would no longer exist as civilized human behavior would run rampant, rather than what we have today = uncivilized human behavior in which mercy and justice are applicable and relevant.

This is a pre-programmed belief that the human is forever evil and that for civilized life we must control the human, we must accept the fact that we are going to be uncivilized, and to have a `civilized` life justice and/or mercy must exist so that we can maintain the human’s existence as it is, instead of questioning why the human is acting the way it is and how we have come to this point in existence.

The main point of why we are uncivilized is due to our accepted nature of the movement and rules behind/as the monetary system in this reality. We are uncivilized because we are all out for ourselves as that is what this environment as money creates, it creates a separation of humans from humans as if we are unlike our neighbours, thus we only care about ourselves which creates the decivilization that we see and exist as today. For civilization to exist we must work in agreement and accordance with/as our neighbours instead of attempting to manipulate them so that we can profit from them, which is how this money system operates and supports now, and how we operate and support as ourselves. We must work in accordance and agreement to support ourselves equally, trust each other to do what is best for each other, and again this system does not support that, thus we must change this system of/as ourselves into something that considers all that is here as equals to truly live in a civilized reality.

We must change this system into one that supports what is best for all.

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