Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Proof that Financial Collapse is Diliberately created

It is obvious that the current financial collapse is being created so that a few may profit from the outcomes of this collapse. How it is obvious is because of the downgrades that are happening that are in fact causing economies to struggle due to a `bad reputation`. What is interesting within this is that these reasons for downgrades have always existed. America’s debt has been sky rocketing for quite a while and only recently has S&P decided to downgrade their `status`. All countries have been in debt or quite a while and yet only now do things start to `lose` their reputation within/as the money system. This is how it is controlled = it is a decision, a human decision to start to collapse this system, meaning it is a human decision based on a group of people to downgrade the statuses of economies around the world well knowing what the downgrades will lead to, thus within this world every action is based on a profit motive = what can I gain out of this motion?, thus the financial crisis that is happening is being deliberately created so that a few may profit from this economic collapse as seen in the 30’s.

What these financial rating corporations could do and what they were doing previously is simply ignoring all of this bullshit that was and still is going on within/as the political and monetary systems that exist, turn a blind eye and keep the ratings at a AAA rating so that things do not `fall` when all the while what is happening now was happening back then, yet only now do they change the rating systems. Again they understand what downgrading an economy will do, and it is a specific decision to downgrade an economy that is why the financial collapse, as all are, is specifically designed to happen by the decisions of a few people within the world system.

The financial system is not guided by an `invisible hand` it is specifically designed and created based on the whims of people. The market is influenced by people by the input and output of money within/as the stock markets, it doesn’t have `free choice` or a `god` within it making the choices for itself invisibly, please. The market is designed by humans and kept up by humans and is influenced, controlled, directed, for/by humans. Those with a lot of money in the markets are able to send the markets fluctuating in any direction that supports their interests, thus there is no invisible hand it is all specifically designed and created.

This market system has become an atrocious way of living for/as the human, as we all believe that somehow we may get lucky and score a miracle….it is the exact same as a fucking religion = giving up power to a `force` that is somehow `more` than us when it is in fact only our fucking creation. We have given up our power to money, it is time to take it back and create a new financial system as this one can only exist within separation of our power through money becoming the support of life, and requiring money for life. It is not the few who are responsible…if I was in their position I would have done the exact same thing, it is all of us as a collective group, collectively accepting this system of enslavement through/as money becoming a decision on/how we live on Earth, instead of us deciding how we live on Earth.

The only system that is being proposed that will actually have an affect in an Equal Money System. Join the forums, talk, ask questions, READ THE MATERIAL.

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