Saturday, November 26, 2011

Will Programming be the same in an EMS?

The point of programming in this world is quite complex. From my perspective it is as complex as the education it takes to become a doctor as there is an abundance of money within the digital/technological sector of this reality. Within this world where the is an abundance of money there is seclusion as some do not want that abundance to be readily available for anyone that wants it…there is always trails and tests to weed out most. Taking this point into consideration the complexity of programming is due to money, programming becoming complex due to an abundance of money and the want to not share that abundance with everyone, thus programming has been made complex. Since there is an obvious limitation through money in relation to programming when there is not a want for profit or a need for profit or a systemic limitation within money, then things are able to be approached differently.

In an EMS we would be able to explore an easier way to develop technological advances through no longer having a limitation of/as money or profit, it will be looked at through the perspective of what can we create that is best for all, what can we create that will be able to assist and support everyone equally here on Earth, thus the point of making programming complex becomes irrelevant as that is not able to support all on this Earth equally. To develop a system that is easier to understand would be best for all...the one point that is coming up is the fact that this is how we have developed programming and the way programming works is intricate and complex so how do we get around that? We have created computers with the language that exists within/as computes right now, thus we are not subject to the system that is already here as we in fact created it, we made the programming and the device for programming complex thus to make it simple for everyone to understand and to create with it we must re-engineer the computer as well so that it becomes much more user friendly even for the seemingly `complex` tasks that now exist as developing a program.

Once competition disappears through as profit, then what is left is to develop a system that is best for all that works unconditionally in supporting and assisting everyone that uses it. There won’t be any need to constantly develop new and `better` programs or systems as the best will be constantly approached and developed. Take Apple computers for example, each half year they come out with a `new` `better` model of their previous technological system only to make more money, what happens in this is that they purposely leave out a few things that they could have simply added to the first model only to place those on a `newer` `better` model to increase profit and sales. When profit doesn’t exist obviously the best would be supported firstly, no longer placing a product that lacks out in the beginning only to make more money off of the first adapters. Thus the technological wheel does not need to be `re-invented` time after time after time as the best will be supported first off, because without profit it is simply a fucking waste.

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