Sunday, November 27, 2011

Will People still have Mental Illnesses in an EMS?

Will people still have mental illnesses in an EMS?

This is an interesting point to look at as it shows how in fact money influences us so heavily that we create mental illnesses due to fear of survival and a lack of money etc. So Mental illnesses are believed to be only within ones’ mind, that is not only the case though as most mental illnesses are also relevant to how one physically lives and how one physically lives is determined by money. In an EMS there will be no need for survival, thus stress from having to constantly worry about having enough money becomes irrelevant, the fear of fighting for ones survival becomes irrelevant, the point within this is that mental `breakdowns` will occur rarely if at all due to a lack of having to fight for our lives, and life is unconditionally provided to us.

The entirety of the system of fighting for our survival and attempting to win creates a lot of mental diseases. I was schizophrenic for a period in my life, I created my own psychosis, and all of the `voices` `thoughts` `words` `ideas` all came from a point of attempting to uplift my ego so that I did not face who and what I was doing to myself as I was putting myself on the `bottom` of society, thus I created all of this mental shit so that I would be able to not feel as though I have lost in life. Throughout that period I was making myself believe I was god or something divine or something supernatural, etc so that I could `win` in life through making myself believe that I was better than all others, thus this fighting for our survival and winning in the game of capitalism does in fact create a lot of mental diseases, as we are in fact at a dis-ease with ourselves and our reality most of the time as living in this system is far from easy. Thus in an EMS living becomes easy as fighting and surviving becomes irrelevant as life is able the flourish without limitation

A lot of our mental diseases are because of how we are living today and how we are living is within the means of money, thus when the money system is changed how we live is changed and thus mental diseases change as well. There may stil be mental diseases but the ones who are there to assist in supporting the release of the mental disease will be there because they want to be instead of for money, the treatments will be the best for the person as profit is no longer an issue to deal with in relation to Big Pharma pushing their drugs though bonuses for giving out said drugs. Thus within an EMS there will be little to no mental diseases left as life will be with ease.

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