Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sexxx Sells

A technology has been developed that can accurate map and mimic the activity within the brain within certain experiences. The scientists looked at how this technology could be useful, but they were only looking at usefulness from the perspective of money. They started to come up with an idea for the possibility for a chip to be inserted or surgically implanted that mimics the functions of an orgasm and thus can trigger an orgasm. They are supposing that this technology will be here in 2030 for commercial use. The chip would be successful (make much profit) in the sex industry with telephone sex, and with a type of cyber sex café that they have come up with to fit with this technology. Within this it is easy to see how science is heavily influenced only by profit margins as well, thus the science industry is no different from a corporation

This is only another type of masturbation. It is obvious. Within this though we become much more automated than how we are today. An orgasm can thus be produced with a touch of a button at any place or anytime.

We know that sex controls most of our actions…the male thinks about sex every 7 seconds or so, thus we are constantly being directed by sex. This invention/idea is the manifestation of such thoughts. We will be even more controlled by sex through having an orgasm be simulated through the touch of a button, and this brings up the question…if an orgasm can be simulated by a chip then what makes the orgasm real?

Technology has become fucked due to the influence of money,  all technology has the influence of how it can make the most money, instead of what is the most practical and assisting point for this technology to be developed into. Since money is involved in our lives we only consider money, this is how us within money and how we have used it have fucked ourselves to not see past the illusion that is money and to see what we are in fact doing to ourselves and this Earth. Within this current system there is barely an opportunity to consider what is best for all, I mean even with this technology one can simulate a stable brain pattern for a person who is bipolar and solve various mental diseases, but since there is not as much money is cures as there is in sex that option is not considered, thus science and technology have become but a joke…another gimmick to sell us on.

This is the influence of money, this is why an Equal money system is the best thing for this world, as there is no profit in an EMS, thus no greed, thus no influence by/as money to get the most money out of something. The only consideration left is how to make the best possibility from such product.  Love of money drives people to become who, what, how, where and when they are – so, equally does fear of money; fear of what happens when one doesn’t have money drives one into an acceptance and adherence of the world-system itself.” – Equal Money book. Found at . This world has become disgusting due to how we have become. Time to stop it and re-start a new world starting with ourselves.

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