Monday, November 28, 2011

A company's Transition into what is best for all

Companies in an EMS will be for what is best for all, no longer supporting individual profit for the CEO’s or Presidents of a company, companies will have what is best for all as their intentions, but a question that occurs is how will the transition take place?

One must look at the products that is being sold and whether or not they are in support of what is best for all or whether they are still in support of only for profit. One must then look at if the products are then possible to be changed into what is best for all, such as a magazine that is in support of the beauty system and all the intricacies within/as the beauty system and the abuse that it entails, and change that magazine towards support and spreading a message that is best for all, instead of one that causes diminishment within a person based on physical appearance. That transition is when people will decide to live what is best for all in every moment, when we no longer accept anything that is less than what is best for us as life. That transition will take place when we start to consider all others in this world and our effects on them seeing them as equals and if we would want that life, the consequences, for ourselves. It will happen through a movement as humanity will choose to stand up doing what is best for all relinquishing self from self-interest as/through personal profit and making sure that humanity/life profits through an expansion of as life, a prospering of life.

Through a choice by humanity to decide to do what is best for all and to support what is best for all will only then businesses change into what is best for all and stop supporting an interest in personal monetary profit…meaning the images and ideals supported within a beauty magazine help support the cosmetic industry, and the esthetic industry continuing a revolution of money within/as those industries which is all out of personal profit as they will all support each other and not what is best for all, where in when we as humanity decide to do and live what is best for all only then will we demand that businesses change into supporting what is best for all, so instead of demonizing pimples the magazines could simply offer information on what they are and how one in able to support oneself as pimples instead of attempting to cover up/destroy/remove pimples

They how all comes down to humanities will then the specifics of how to support what is best for all within/as the industries/companies that are existent today and whether or not they should still exist in an Equal Money System, or how we would be able to transform it into a company that is able to support what is best for all as living beings.

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