Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Positive outlook for humanity is still not best

In a video stating a cause for green technology and a green movement was showing the degradation of red woods on the west coast of North America. In a pessimistic scientific calculation of the degradation of the red woods, the red woods got to an extinct point by 2090. In an opposite scientific calculation of a view point of optimistic growth or reduction of the trees, they had less degradation by 2090.

The positive outlook is in relation to humanity taking on the opportunity to go into `green` technology and not using the fossil fuels to fuel the planet. The pessimistic view point is if we do not make a change. The interesting point within this scientific study is that even if we move into the point of `optimism` we are still going to kill off much of the old growth red woods. Looking at this point it is obvious that we as humanity use far too much power. We are constantly producing and consuming because things are now made to break, things are now made to be useless within a short period of time so the system that is capitalism can survive, while the system that is the Earth slowly dies. So even with a push towards become more `green` in relation to our energy usage and our forms of energy usage and/or creation we are still using up the same amount of energy to continue our current system of capitalism, as capitalism can only survive if there is a constant influx of capital/money, thus we must be able to continue to generate money as products and services to allow this system to survive, but as is obvious, the more we have a need to generate capital the more resources of the Earth we are going to use up, the more minerals, trees, plants, water, etc we are going to have to use, thus going `green` within the capitalistic system is FAR from a fucking solution.

It is our acceptance of how we are living within/as the capitalistic system that is the problem as there is a NEED for a constant flow of money to keep stability but over time it is not possible to sustain itself as we are creating money out of resources and giving a specific value onto the resources in relation to the dollar, when money is in fact not real. Many of us see this yet do not want to look at what will happen if we continue within/as the current monetary system of capitalism. Nor is it money’s fault that we are this way…it is our fault. Thus it is not to remove money from the equation, it is to remove how we have been looking at this world, how we have been living, and to change our living into something that is best for all, instead of what it is now = self-interest with disregard for any life that is here on Earth equal to us. This is why an Equal money System is a solution

In an EMS it takes into account how we have been living and the rules within/as the current system that we are abiding by. It removes the possibility for us to act the way that we have…take a look at humanity as a whole and it is destructive, harmful, careless. An EMS is set rules that are in the interest of what is best for all instead of the interest of a few, instead of the interest in making more money, which is the set rules of this current system. It stops any possibility of frauding the system, it takes away to want to steal others as all is provided to each equally and unconditionally, it stops the need for greed as profit is impossible within an EMS, thus making `more` and allowing the cheating, lies, deception to gain `more` no longer is a necessity to `win` in/as reality’s monetary system.

In an EMS the red wood trees will have an opportunity to expand and not only lessen their degradation rate within a optimistic view point of humanity. All life is considered equally, and actions revolve around what is best for all life here on earth as it is clear that all life includes self as well. The only point that needs to happen for this to take effect is for humanity to start living what is best for all to bring about this current system, and to see the consequences and effects of how we are living now, stand up and make a change within/as self for the betterment of life here on Earth.

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