Thursday, November 10, 2011

Polarity and Sickness

I recently was looking at how the body must regulate a temperature between, I am not 100% sure on the numbers, 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I was looking at the point f going too far in one direction or the other and effectively becoming sick. This was interesting to look at, as within the world humans are quite polarized between money = the rich and the poor, and it is obvious to see that the human has a sickness in fact, to such an extent that the human is sickness, we are disease.

So I have been moving up and down within polarity quite heavily for the past 2 weeks, polarity of deciding to do correspondence that I must get done to up my grades to go into post-secondary education, deciding to work on my DIP assignment, cleaning up the house, and taking responsibility for my reality. I have been polarizing that with `fucking off` and watching youtube videos for hours on end, with sleeping, with eating sugar, with not treating myself within the living fact of what is best for me. Within that I recently became quite fucking sick. I came down with a hoarse cough so much so that I my breathing has become wheezy, and have been feeling fatigued due to the sickness. Here is where the interesting part comes in. I, today, decided to push through much resistances, much `fucking off` that I have been accepting and allowing myself, and have pushed myself to take responsibility for my reality and get my ass back in alignment, and to stop going too far within the polarity. I have been working on my English assignment for a few hours now, I have been pushing myself to do the things that I have been putting off, to fuck off, and get them done effectively. So right now, my sinuses are much more clear! My cough is not as hoarse! And my fatigue level is not relevant anylonger as I am just here writing, doing the things that I have been putting off I am not dreading doing what I have to = just doing it and within that fatigue is gone. I have `forgotten` about my cold. This is quite cool as the physical is showing me me, is showing how I create myself through what I accept and allow within/as myself and the manifested outcomes of said acceptance and allowance.

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