Thursday, October 6, 2011

Equal Responsibility

Equal Responsibility
Today I found out that the friend whom I have abused in the past has been greatly affected by my actions. In this I realize that I am absolutely responsible for him. He has been going through extensive anger and hatred towards me for my actions. I am responsible for his life in the manor through being responsible for my actions I am responsible for the outcome of my actions which in fact are his actions.

I am responsible equally for him, as we all are for eachother = we are all equally responsible for eachother. I am responsible for him joining the army due to anger, I am responsible for his want for fighting, I am responsible for his tears, I am responsible for him letting out his anger, and I am responsible for the acts of his anger = if he were to fight someone due to his anger I am responsible for that fight.

The actions I have done in the past I have let go, but they are not gone, I am not done taking responsibility…I cannot take responsibility solely for him, I must take responsibility for realizing that I have created this equally in him as he is equally responsible for himself. In this I take responsibility for assisting him in letting it go as well, and my actions are not let go until he has as well let them go.

This exists for everyone in this world, we are all responsible for eachother until we all let our pasts go. I will not stop until he has let it go, and for that HE must let it go, I can only assist, in that I take responsibility for assisting him, as I have equally created him as well as himself through as my actions which has led to his actions.

I learnt today that the anger within him has caused him much harm, I am responsible for this harm, my abuse has carried on for years. I learnt that he has wanted to kill me, has thought about killing me, thought about causing harm to me, and this I am as well responsible for…everything that has been an effect from the abuse I am responsible for as I am responsible for my actions.

This is a very interesting topic!! I was hit by one of my parents when I was a kid, and the point of the abused become the abuser pops up as I am writing this. My mom’s dad greatly troubled her when she was a child too, there was physical harm and emotionally disturbing things done to her as a child and again the point of the abused become the abuser comes up again, so looking at this, my grandfather’s actions have stemmed all the way to me and past the blood line, and before that as well my grandfather must have been abused at some point as well, can’t say for sure but nonetheless our actions carry on far past ourselves and even our deaths.

This point is relevant within the money system, as we are all accepting this money system, and thus through/as the money system which spans the world, we are responsible for all that money is connected to through accepting the money system. Thus we are ALL equally responsible for poverty, for wealth, for greed, for corporations etc. Only when we make a stand as ourselves to better this system as ourselves through changing this system through changing ourselves do we actually make a change, and to change this world we all must change ourselves into something w can place all that live here on Earth within/as.

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