Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Acceptance of our entire existence here on Earth

Moving into education again.
I have an opportunity to do correspondence and get my high school grades up so that I may be able to attend a college or university and I have been delaying/resisting moving on this point

I am resisting it because I do not see a purpose in school. I have a life that I enjoy, and within that I do not want or need anything more than what I have, yet I see that this life is not one that I would ultimate enjoy leading…as I will be stuck in this life.

I was looking at the resistances of taking an online course and it was a point of seeing it as valueless, meaning I have already mapped out my life and I see that now. I have accepted my death already, I have accepted my entire life already based on what I am and am not willing to move within. I looked at the resistances towards going to school and they are invalid. I would rather have the opportunity to expand than be stuck in the life that I am leading currently.

Having my grades improved will help me get into a college and then get a better paying job, and even if I decide to not go to college the opportunity will always be there, I will not be limited in what I can and cannot due, which is what I am doing within directing myself and my life currently, as I am limiting myself in expansion due to not improving my grades.

I have decided to move within taking the correspondence courses to improve my grades, and thus I have decided to move my life on rather than being stuck in my current reality.

Resisting moving within taking correspondence courses would only limit myself further in where I can place myself within/as the system. I think that we all do this in one form or another = we accept how our lives will be lived out early on and then hope for something new each year. We accept ourselves as how we are and dare not move past/through who we are accepting and allowing ourselves to live as and through that we are accepting and limiting ourselves in who we can become and live as. We accept a daily pattern and we become accustomed to living that out day after day and fear to move past it. I feared to move past my current accepted patterned lifestyle because then my reality becomes uncertain, as if I were to not give myself the opportunity to go to college I would always know what was ahead of me in life…I would know my daily pattern for the rest of my life, and we all come to this point in our lives.
I see this point as a diminishment of life = we don’t allow ourselves to ever expand when we fear moving out of the accepted patterned reality that we have become accustomed to and thus we live ourselves as a pattern daily and then we ourselves become a pattern and limit ourselves from expanding. Generation after generation we have done this and accepted this itself as a pattern in a whole of how life is. Find a job and SETTLE into a lifestyle in which we can know the outcomes due to a patterned lifestyle and within this always hope for something better but never take the responsibility to get it done, as within hope we take away our responsibility to direct ourselves in our lives.

This accepted way of living is a programmed reality = we know due to a pattern/program what the outcome is going to be, yet we allow hope to blind us from realizing that we ourselves must make a change to our reality to expand = to break out of the daily lived/accepted pattern.

I have chosen to take the courses so that I have the opportunity to expand in/as my reality and to not accept my current way of living for my entire existence here on Earth, giving myself an opportunity to expand.

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