Saturday, October 8, 2011

Protesting Solves Nothing

Protesting solves nothing
In the recent occupy wall street movement/protests, the system is being protested. Protesting a system is a bit useless as the system will only follow the rules and regulations that exist within/as it. Thus we must follow the rules and regulations and change them to support life instead of allowing life to be abused as such.

Fighting a system won’t work, it is like raging against a machine…very useless, as a machine is all clockwork, it can only function within the means of said clockwork, the system is no different it can only function according to the system itself. Thus it is imperative to follow the rules of the system and use/change the rules of the system to bring about a new system. One must move within the system and change it from the inside, one cannot `fight` a system it must be re-worked.

Within the occupy Wall Street protests, they are waging war against the system with no stance in changing the system, they are fighting it only hoping for change, and within this there will be no solution as the rules of the system are not being taken on through/as standing within/as the rules of the system, they are standing as subjects to the system thus standing less than a system wanting change. We must stand equal to the system move within/as the rules and change the rules to make a world that we all want to live within.

We must use the rules in place to create new rules and move into power to change the rules and within that we must be free from the temptation of greed as that is the problem with the human in the first place and that which the protestors are protesting. Moving into politics, taking the bull by the horn and placing the change as ourselves is how change can only happen, protesting – obviously from the 60’s example – solves nothing, they grew up and became a part of the system just the same.

It is who WE have become within/as the system that is the problem not the system itself, plus we created the system as a likeliness of/as ourselves thus it is all of humanities responsibility to change the system into what is best for all.

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