Monday, August 22, 2011

Media MANipulates Belief into supporting the reason behind the scenes.

Back in grade 12 of high school (5 years ago) my teacher was reading a report done by another student that had gone before me. She was sharing an example of how to write an essay. The person who wrote the essay was from a Eastern European Nation (if I remember correctly). He was writing on a war and him being from said Nation he could understand the language there, so in the media the headline read “Arms factory Destroyed” but that was not the case. There was a sign from the building on the ground in the picture and it read “Water Depot” or some sort, but the point is that it was a water treatment plant that is there for the benefit of the people of that Nation, and it clearly was not a weapons manufacturing plant.

This I found disgusting - at how the media could so blatantly mislead the public into supporting a war and supporting a belief system that what they are doing in that Nation is `justifiable` due to them `destroying` a `weapons manufacturing plant` when in reality they destroyed something that supports people = WATER!

Now the question arose that why would the media mislead people like that as they have the ability to use translators and could easily due so yet neglected to do so and allowed themselves to mislead the public with a belief that the order was to destroy a weapons facility, when in actuality was a water treatment plant.

The media purposely allowed the view to be waned toward the side of `the war is justified due to the destruction of a weapons facility` and thus allowed the war to be continued.

This is again currently going on in all wars today, where many war crimes are going unreported although they are in abundance = schools are being bombed, hostipals are being bombed and again water supplies are beign bombed which are war crimes and yet the media says nothing about it = they continually justify the war due to the powers that be that are controlling the outflow of media and information to the public.

This is an atrocity. As human beings we have a right to know what is going on and what `our` country is doing in war, and have a right to stop wars if we do not agree. I am sure that if these war crimes were reported on the news many people from North America would be outraged at what is going on in `our names`. Unfortunately it will never be reported because it is not good for business.
War is a racket is a common saying and it is all for business = it is all for profit of the warring nation, and when the current system supports profit many people will do anything that it takes to gain that profit/power including crimes against humanity.

The problem is inherent within the system. This system supports profit and it the information being let out is easily manipulated thus misinforming the public on what is actually happening in reality. Therefore we need a new system as this system has become corrupted with greed, abuse, murder, inhumane actions towards all life.

This is what we see and realize at Desteni, and that is why we support an Equal Money System, as with any change to the current system the same dysfunctions that are inherent in this current system will still be rampant, and it is all due to the possibilities of it existing in the current system. That is why an EMS is an actual solution as it takes into consideration the possibilities and consequences of the systems structure and it does not allow for abuse in any form, it does not allow for suffering to become rampant, it does not allow for greed to take place. This is why it IS the solution. I suggest to inform yourself about an EMS rather than being misinformed. 

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