Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helping build a Well Educated Work-Force

I have been reading the Province of Ontario’s budget plan for next year. One thing that they have been mentioning is re-building schools and upgrading them as well with a full year for kindergarteners.

One sentence pops out at me that I just read. “Ontario is also investing in full-day kindergarten for four- and five-year-olds
as part of the Province’s plan to build a well-educated workforce.” This is saying that school is here to effectively ut children into the system so that they too have to be dependent on money for survival, saying that we are going to start at an early age to feed these children knowledge so that they may have the `knowledge` to perform jobs for this system and so that they too can keep this system running just as we did when we were children, and just as we are doing now.

This showing that education is just not that = education. It is a feeding of knowledge that will only allow oneself to become effective within the system, a system of abuse, of ignorance, of hell in fact. This is stating that education is not there for educating a person unconditionally, it is saying here that the education system in only there to select feed students certain bits of information so that they may effective distribute and gain money for/as the system so that this system is prolonged because `this is all we know` `this is what we must keep and protect` and thus children are enslaved from the start to become money producers within/as select feeding them bits and pieces of knowledge.

From my experience in school and then in my search within the world for something different is interesting to me. In high school I was quite bored with all the information that was being shared, sure there was some cool stuff but nothing that really Assisted me in terms of my being, of my quality of life. The One class that I found interesting was Media Studies, where we were to examine the media and how it manipulates an individual to buy an object, product, or service, how it uses certain colours and images to influence the observer to influx a series of emotions that will allow them to associate those feelings with said product, or service. Now that is a course that assisted me in terms of life, in terms of assisting me as life to better my quality of life. That is something that I could live and thus see the manipulation and in seeing it  am not as affected by it because I KNOW it = information that I could live and test out for myself = Education. I found no other course in high school similar to Media Studies.

So Since I found school boring and I had no real interest in getting my grades high as I saw them as irrelevant in that time, I started t investigate other things, things that they did not teach in school. I started looking at Esoteric Knowledge, which is knowledge that is not commonly held by people. Eventually this searching through esoteric knowledge lead me upon Desteni which has assisted me tremendously in terms of my quality of life, provided me information to live and see the system for what it really is, see myself for what I really am. It has allowed me to understand the sentence Ontario is also investing in full-day kindergarten for four- and five-year-olds as part of the Province’s plan to build a well-educated workforce.” Where before I would not have understood that, I would not have looked behind what the words are saying, what the words are meaning, I would have only took the face value of those words, but there are many layers to everything in this world.

This education system is not here to support us as life to understand ourselves as life, how to treat life equally to ourselves as this Earth, it is here for giving select bits and pieces of knowledge to influence the children of this Earth so that they too can become infused within/as this system and thus support this system so that the system survives, not life, as life is being destroyed, corrupted, abused, manipulated in this current system. Life is Far from being supported within this current system, and that is what the current educational process that we will or have been though leads to = further support of this system of abuse, harm, destruction, rape.

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