Friday, August 26, 2011

An example of Consequence and Effect

At work today 2 people started `warring against eachother`. We play around at times at work to make each other laugh and establish workplace relationships so sometimes shit happens. It started off with a guy throwing a box of rice at another and causing him to almost crash his machine, supposedly, I understand this perspective. So the guy who got hit by rice ended up throwing a cookie at the other guy and it hitting him in the nuts. The guy who got hit by rice took the incident quite seriously and thought that by hitting the other in the nuts made him furious so he then too reacted in anger.

 At break, he was furious, he was exploding with violent words etc and scheming to get the guy back. After he vented for a bit I told him the best thing to do it to simply let it go. He said he wouldn’t. He was giving excuses on how his family is vengeful and how he thus must be like them and get his vengeance (this is paraphrasing). Each time he would come around I would continue with telling him to just let it go, calm down, breathe. He again continued with excuses and other shit, and at a point he was continuing with `it’s in my genes` type of deal, and I told him let it go, he replied with I can’t. I said yes you can, he said `it’s in my genes` etc etc, in this point I saw him for what he was accepting and allowing so I said yes you can you just don’t want to. He then smiled at me and told me to shut up in a manner of bubbliness lets call it. That is a cool point as in this moment he was honest with himself through knowing it and just not wanting to admit it so I got him in a way to admit that he just didn’t want to let it go, which I find cool as I have seen this before. I laughed in that moment like` hahah I caught you` and we both knew it.

There was a point where the guy he was pissed off at had his skids at the wrapping machine, and they were tall skids according to the angered person. He said he wanted to push them over yet had a second thought about it with `What would Paul say?` He then saw me working in the aisles and he decided against it which I found Awesome.

Through standing firm on my position of him letting it go and telling him to let it go whenever he would rant to me it had an affect on him. I did not accept his bullshit of anger and revenge, I told him continually to let it go and I stood on that point and repeated it not giving my acceptance of vengeance or revenge.

We can all have this affect on people through standing as the principle of doing what is best for all, we simply need to incorporate/live it into our lives, and soon enough it will have an affect. It would not have been as easy if I were to give any way to his vengeance like saying `fine do whatever you’re going to do just understand there will be consequences` = I allowed myself to give no opportunity to the idea of revenge, told him continuously to let it go and that had an affect = if I were to give way at any point he could have used that to justify himself for doing something quite possible stupid as a supervisor may have seen it and then get him in trouble, and as well the relationship between him and the other would have gone `sour` as we were all cool hanging out at break before this.

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  1. cool Paul.I can see the event and your standing in this blog.