Friday, August 26, 2011

Humans, Greed, and Consequences

A Polar bear, which is on the threatened species list, was shot during a BP oil venture near the artic. It is reported that the bear came around a few times and then was shot with a `cracker round` which is supposed to be shot near the bear to make it run off due to a loud sound. The person who shot the bear thought that the round was a bean bag round, and thus shot it at the bear.

Looking at this I looked at why the bear would be hanging around humans and continually coming back, and one answer I could provide is It is hungry! I looked at what bears eat and questioned, why not give it some food instead of shooting it, thus reducing the possibility of humans being attacked, as the bear would thus no longer be hungry. Bears eat fish so I thought why not give it some fish, and then I looked at the human and how we have horded an extensive, vast, amount of resources for ourselves not allowing others that are here equally living on this planet to have some as well.

We over fish tremendously. We are here on this Earth hording all of the resources provided unconditionally by the Earth for ourselves, leaving other animals to fend for themselves, and starve consequentially. We have become greedy with only wanting for ourselves, micro and macro, meaning that we as individuals will only look out for ourselves...yes there are other people who can and do look after others but on the whole we are all here right now fighting everything else for our own survival, meaning that I in going into a job interview have tried to boast myself as much higher than the other person who is going for an interview = fighting for my own survival. And this happens in the whole as well, where we as humanity are hording, and greedily using the Earth’s resources to maintain our own survival not considering other life here equal to us. The person in the job interview may need the money much more than I do, yet I do not consider that when enacting on this fight for survival, the only thing that is concerning me is my own survival, and this is where us all as humanity is acting within in terms of the whole of humanity.

We are only considering ourselves in this reality which is not an accurate display of reality as reality consists of all ReALLity. We are not looking at the consequences of our actions = many MANY beings starving where we are hording food and resources for ourselves, within humanity and as humanity, meaning that Poverty exists because others are hording, extinction exists because we as humans are hording.

We cannot live alone, although it may be perceived that way through system eyes, meaning that as long as I have money I can survive, but it takes us = life, to truly make the world go round. It takes us building things so that those with money are able to buy, money cannot get what one needs, what one needs must first be there and then through the system that we have created we can obtain it through money. We need others on this planet to ensure our survival as well, the way that we are living as humans is disgusting and is leading to our own suicide. We need other species on this planet to help us survive as well as everything has a use on this Earth to help keep it in balance, except for what I see the human has no point of balance on this Earth. There must be a realization that we need to live in harmony, where money does not harm, which is currently what it is doing = we over fish because we can make money off of the amount of fish that we collect and sell, and thus leaves other species to go elsewhere for food and possibly starve = money creates harm in this manor, and we as creators of money and through being responsible for our actions = we are creating harm we are responsible for what is taking place on Earth.

Through simple consideration of all others as life equal to us we can avoid these things, but we as humans are not considering all others as life, we are not considering life itself. We are only focused on our own survival and through doing so we are hording resources and being greedy about what and how we use resources and thus are dooming this planet. We as humans need a massive wake up call or we need to simply get our shit together and start focusing on bettering ourselves and thus this world, and thus consider all life equal to/as ourselves, so we don’t horde resources for ourselves and become greedy thus leaving others with none or very little and have to starve and search for food outside of their means. This will be a massive re-haul of the current system in which we are living in as the current system as ourselves is not considering all life equally, we are only focusing on our own individual survival thus placing ourselves above all others which in REALity is not the case, we are all equal, we need to breathe, we need to eat and if we don’t we die, and what this Earth shows us we are all reliant on others existence to support our own existence, so it is to better all life, and thus we better ourselves.

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