Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Applicability of an EMS

Ted Talks The End of Hunger
In the TED talks a lady who has been helping out nations whom have gone through starvation and whom are empoverished spoke. She spoke about solutions! She shared the fact that when malnourished kids develop their brain is 40% smaller than a nourished childs. She shared that she and her company has created a nutrition pack that she can make for 17 cents! This nutrition pack has everything that the brain needs to develop. She shared a point that even when there was food around there has been famine and this is the point that I want to expand on

At times there has been famine epidemics where there has been food around but people have no money to obtain that food that is there. Sometimes food prices have risen 200%, so where are the people going to get that extra 200% income that they need to simply eat. They cannot so they go into starvation because they do not have digits in their bank account.

She came up with a solution of giving them digital food = she gave them a card that allowed them to purchase 9 items from a store. That is all that it was, she created a method to obtain food out of thin-air = just the way that money is created now and it was accepted as valid! The card was accepted as valid, it was accepted just as money would be accepted, and she is not a banker, she is a normal person.

This is what an Equal Money System would basically be like although on a global scale and not only for food. One is given what is needed to purchase goods within a store. It exists digitally and is unconditionally given to use as a method to purchase goods. It obviously doesn’t matter what form the money is in, we can accept anything as long as we put value to it. We need to put value to life though, life must become valuable equally, and from there we must provide the means for life to support themselves unconditionally and this is How an Equal Money System operates.

This TED talks shows that an EMS is possible. Haters cannot say that it just isn’t possible because it is possible and it has been proven effective. The BIG (Basic Income Grant) has also shown that unconditionally providing life with the means to support itself is a reality that we can have for all in this world.

This shows that an EMS IS applicable within reality, as these things are the basis for what an EMS is and they function and work. Microcosm and Macrocosm = It will work on the larger scale as well.​te_sheeran_ending_hunger_now.h​tml

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