Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Handing out Crack pipes

Handing out Crack pipes
In Vancouver, Social workers are handing out new crack pipes to crack cocaine users to try and curb the spread of Hepatitis C. Hepatitis is spread through the contact of saliva, cuts or basically the swapping of any bodily fluids. The Social workers have been giving out new mouth pieces for the crack pipes recently but they do not believe that it is solving the problem of Hepatitis among crack users, so they have set in place $60,000 to give out new crack pipes, mouthpieces, and condoms to users.

The issue with this is that there is no investigation being put into why they are using in the first place, the bigger picture is not looked at and completely avoided. What they are doing here is Accepting and Allowing the users to continue to use = they are not solving the problem = they are not looking at the bigger issue whatsoever. Through handing out new crack pipes to these people they are saying we 
Accept that crack exists in our reality and we accept that we can do nothing to change it.

One must look at the bigger to get to the core point of what is going on, the social workers here are only looking at surface facts. This is not support for crack cocaine addicts, what should be done is within the starting point of Ok we have crack in our reality…how do we help these people to stop using crack, and how do we stop crack entirely = this is not being looked at, thus crack is being accepted as a way of life through this action of handing them the tools to use with to try and stop the spread of Hepatitis.

In an Equal Money system drugs like this will not be allowed to exist as they obviously do not support the human whatsoever. In an EMS the want to escape from a perpetual system of compromise and self-degradation will not exist as the system will not be for compromise of self or of self-degradation. An EMS is in support of self in all ways, it is in support of all life, therefore the systematics within an EMS will result in curbing all drug use.

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