Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The World of Oil and Equal Money System

The oil industry is collapsing. I have been reading the book ‘Your world is going to get a lot smaller’ and this book is all about the oil industry and what has been happening within it throughout the past 5 decades roughly.

What has been said is that easy accessible oil is quickly diminishing if not already diminished = the simply crude oil that can be produced at $10 a barrel. Since it is diminishing we are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get all the last bits of oil out of the ground to support this `developing` world that revolves around the oil we produce.

The Alberta Tar Sands is a great example, as the oil is trapped within the sand and is expensive and actually quite inconvenient to take out, but since the easy to produce oil has been used up (basically) the oil corporations are looking for other ways to support their profit drives. It takes much effort to extract oil from the tar sands, yet it is being done, companies are going there why? Because oil is at such a high price right now and will continue to grow that it is actually profitable to extract the oil from there, as well the easy to access oil is being ran out, Make sense? If there was easy accessible oil obviously companies would go there and use that as the profit margin would be much higher, but since there is very little left the oil companies are reverting to other methods that are more expensive and more exhausting methods to extract the oil. This is resultant of High oil prices.

One thing to consider would be if high oil prices were to fall, and since there is very little easy accessible oil left, what would happen to the oil industry? It would completely collapse as the there would be no profit as the expenses to extract the oil would be more that the revenue made from selling it, this taken into consideration Oil is going to stay high as within any business it is `buddy buddy` = look out after our own kind. So simply oil prices are not going to drop but continue to rise.

Since oil is going to continue to rise, this is where our worlds are going to get `smaller`, the shipping costs from China to America, or China to Europe, or India to America etc, are going to sky rocket, thus making the expense of the shipping not worth it since there would be much less profit involves even though the workers are being paid shit money to work they labour intensive jobs they are doing, and that notion within the book means that factories in North America are going to start running again = to save on shipping costs. This is the notion of `smaller` meaning that our products would again come from within our own borders NA atleast is what the author is suggesting within the book = jobs will be again created in NA instead of simply service jobs as if I remember correctly 70% of jobs now within NA are within the service industry and business industry and not the manual labour industry. Although the author is only taking into consideration of NA where as China and the Asian market are thus then going to lose a mass amount of jobs due to oil prices and thus they will stop growing and then poverty will be much worse than what it is now.

Since oil is quickly diminishing = America uses 19 million barrels of oil a day and continuing to grow as well as China, India, where the population is massive we are headed for a massive crisis. This world is going to face a depression unlike any other, it will be a pandemic. Most things are going to come to a complete halt unless we do something quickly, quickly meaning in a few years.

What is the Cause of this? Our one dimensional mind in terms of more profit, whereas most other alternative energy solutions are not being funded because the profit within them is not as big as the profit gained from oil as obviously everything is revolving around oil and thus you can make money on everything from selling oil, so thus since profit is the name of this economic capitalistic system something that will make you less money is not wanted as more and more money is wanted. This being the way the system operates obviously the problem is INHERENT within the system = it is born/created with the problems within it, and we have all being ignoring these problems for generations and now we here are the ones that have to deal with it as we are responsible for it.

An Equal Money system is the solution = a New economic system is the solution. And the point within an Equal money system that solves our money driven selves is the point of no profit, as well there are many other points within an EMS that solves the issues that we as this world face today. An Ems takes away the point of trapping ourselves within a game of more money.

Since no profit exists within an EMS it is not the point then to make as much money as possible that point is completely removed = greed is completely removed, and from that point being removed what remains is what is sustainable, what is practical for all life on this Earth to live off of, what can we create and use to make sure that we are able to give what is best for all life and thus what is best for ourselves.  Investigate and support an Equal Money System as the solution to what we are and are going to face within ourselves for accepting and allowing ourselves to exist the way that we have and to bring a world into reality/ a heaven into reality, where life is considered and not profit

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